Another day, and two MORE I, Anonymous posts that are too juicy to ignore. Juicy #1 is called "Occupy a Job!" and has a few necessary "corrections" added by yours truly.

Remember how the protesters promised to be out of the parks that first weekend of the marathon? [Actually, they didn't promise that... but let's not stop this guy, he's on a roll.—Editors] It makes me sick that Sam Adams caved into special interest once again then left town. [It was a business trip... to attract jobs to the city and a cultural exchange mission... but again, this guy is on a roll!—Editors] The cost so far to the city...over two hundred thousand dollars in police overtime and damages to the park [Actually, at last report it's $186,400—but that's the closest thing to the truth this person has said so far.—Editors].

Aaaand it gets dumber from there, but a lot of people have already voted in our "How full of shit is this person?" poll, so you should, too. MOVING ON! In Juicy #2, Anonymous is mad at you because you hate kids and he loves kids!

I hear it all the time: "idiot breeders", or "stop breeding". Spray painted on walls, spoken in public and posted on comments boards. I'm sick of it. You people, with your holier than thou attitude regarding people having kids. I like kids. I have nephews and nieces and not only are they fun to be around, I love them. This hateful attitude toward children really kind of baffles me.

Here's the rest, child hater! Got a rant or confession (like maybe you hate children)? Submit it here in the online orphanage for grown-up bad kids, the I, Anonymous Blog.