I LIKE THIS. I like it when you guys use the I, Anonymous Blog for your own takes on the Occupy movement. Even when they're dumb. Like this guy. Jesus, is he dumb. Anyway, today's quote o' the day comes from someone somewhat less dumb. He's a banker, and he's tired of you guys shitting on banks! Especially his nice bank!

Dear Onward Oregon,

Thanks for the spam re: bank transfer day. However, I work for a big bank. We're people too. Why don't you do something positive instead of lashing out at all banks. Not all banks are alike. Neither are all credit unions.

Read the rest here, and THEN TRANSFER YOUR MONEY THE FUCK OUT OF HIS BANK. Sounds like some more goddamn BoA shenanigans to me. And after transferring your money, why not transfer your rage into an awesome I, Anonymous submission right here! (See what I did there?) Read the I, Anonymous Blog: the home of "see what I did there?"