Did you know you can submit a rant or confession to the I, Anonymous Blog, and it may be spotlighted in the print edition of the Mercury? (Somebody should tell luckybulldog13pdx that such an occurrence is actually pretty cool, and not a crime against humanity.) Not that it's a competition, or anything. But really it is. Here's a clip of an Anony that you could probably easily beat, complaining about a stripper at Sassy's.

You used to be fun. You use to pull toys out of your ass and spin around on a pole and dress the way you acted. But now, you do what everyone else done... kind of shake your ass and try to small talk me. Its so BOOOORRRRIIINNNGGGG.

Sigh.... #whitepervertproblems. Anyway, this guy's rant probably won't make the cut for the print edition... but maybe yours will! Submit your much more interesting rant here, in the I, Anonymous Blog. It's full of BOW WOW WOW!