Normally, whenever I read an email, post, or any general announcement that begins with the title "ATTENTION MEN" I pretty much know what's going to follow: "Nag, Nag, NAG." HOWEVER! I think this is a fairly reasonable request:

When you're walking down the street at night and there is a lady or person whose gender you cannot determine walking somewhere ahead of you, please do her/them a favorite and cross the street rather than follow closely. See, we have to deal with a lot of gross dudes pretty damn often, and it can be alarming and triggering to be followed closely by a guy, regardless of what his intentions are. Please respect us and don't do anything that could be misconstrued as following closely or lurking!

Hear that, lurkers? STOP LURKING! If you must lurk, lurk where it's okay to lurk: The I, Anonymous Blog! (It's the lurkiest.)