So there's this person... and he/she likes to yell at the movie screen, and seems to think it's okay for him/her to do so, because it's at one of those second-run beer theaters. Uh-oh.

So here's what I'm asking you to do: pull the tampon you fell on out of your butthole and chill the frack out. "people are trying to enjoy the movie" yes I know I am a people too. If I Need to vocalize my fear for the woman looking behind shower curtains, that is my right! Don't tell me to shut it down!

Umm... am I right in thinking you may have something to say about this? Feel free to express your feelings in the comments, or if you are so inspired, write your own angry, unwise confession on the I, Anonymous Blog where... "DON'T GO DOWN IN THE BASEMENT!! ARE YOU CRAZY?!?"