People are being particularly persnickity on the I, Anonymous Blog today. There's this guy who is all like, "Why are you guys calling me 'racist,' when I'm obviously super racist?" And then there's this gal, who is all like...

I don't want my tax money to fund the killing of fetuses. I do believe they're people. But friends, I can't tell you because then you'll all hate me and not respect my opinion.

Here's the thing though, I'm a woman and I have a right to choose my value system. I just so happen to value human life over the right to kill it.

Hmmm... if I was a fetus, I'm not sure I'd enjoy having a mom who was this defensive. Anyway! Do you have an issue that you're overly defensive about and believe no one understands you boo-hoo-hoo? Drop it off in the land of I, Anonymous—where tax dollars are never used to murder baby rants.