Here's one from the Department of General Complaints: Creative Types who STINK!!

Why is it that, in order to be an 'artist' in this town, you have to live like a pig? Seriously. In what way does a lack of personal hygiene and property maintenance relate to 'creating art'? I really don't get it. I don't know how many houses I've been to where a bunch of unwashed 'artists' live and there's dirt for a lawn, numerous disassembled bikes strewn about, beer bottles that have been on the porch for what appears to be months and a general aura of filth. Not only this, but these people have to shove their 'art' in your face every chance they get. Being loud and arrogant is not a substitute for creativity.

Preach on, brother and/or sister! You should see the Mercury office kitchenette! The maggots won't even eat in there! BAH!! Why even bother? Oh, because it's fun and I feel a little better after screaming into the void known as the I, Anonymous blog. Submit your rant or confession here, and breathe in that sweet smell of impotent retribution.