Apparently there's been some sort of fatwa declared on the ladies of the Portland Mercury, because we've received two submissions in a row that's talkin' shit about our girls. Example #1 seems to be directed at "an unassertive, rude turd of a girl" that's a terrible roommate and works for an "alternative paper" (we'll assume it's ours):

One of your former roommates has brought to my attention yet again how lame you are. You sent her a passive-aggressive email regarding her slaving away in the kitchen for four hours since you don’t clean up shit apparently. You’re disgusting. You also use too much toilet paper, and then lie about it and never offer to buy any.

Any guesses about who that may be? I HAVE SOME THEORIES. But on to example #2, which isn't so cagey about who they're talking about when it comes to annoying people who take annoying pictures with their iPhones:

3. Sepia toned iphone photos. THIS IS SELF EXPLANATORY.

4. Oh so hilarious signs. Like Bill Murray. Come on now. Post no bills is funny. That's just fucking stupid. Looking at you COURTNEY FERGUSON

I wonder who they're talking about? Anyway, if you have a rant or confession regarding the ladies at the Mercury (or anyone else for that matter), drop it off in the I, Anonymous Blog: Which uses entirely too much toilet paper.