It's been another fiery few days on the I, Anonymous Blog, which has included several sensitive, thoughtful ruminations on subjects such as weird recycling bin thieves, SUVs hogging all the parking spots at Whole Foods, women who enjoy and have opinions about children's movies, and ummmmmmmm.... this guy.

I wish I could change. I really do. But I'm a horrible abusive monster. I can't control it either, it's like a switch gets flipped and I go from perfectly normal to a screaming asshole who hits you.

I don't know why you stay with me, other than you say it's ok. But it isn't. Part of me wishes you'd leave so I'd have to do something about it but you don't.

OH, THAT'S GOOD. BY ALL MEANS BLAME HER. (I wonder if this is the same guy who wrote the one about women who love kids' movies?) Anyway, if you have something you'd like to confess or rant about, I'd say the I, Anonymous Blog is the right place for you! Do it... to it.