The Gypsy Joker Clubhouse Compound


Funny, I always assumed that warning stencil was for the Rasta place next they can smoke the reefer.
I actually SAW the battering ram. The PPB had some kind of tank looking vehicle, the entire street blocked off and were clearly doing a massive raid. Fremont was still open though, and the #33 bus I was on drove right past.
Fucking hipster emo pussies.

I staggered in here one night after hearing some rocking music on the street, sat down and had a fucking drink.

Be a man.
Or a (wo)man as the case may be.

h0 h0 h0!
I used to live next to the Outsiders clubhouse. I felt perfectly safe and actually more safe due to the fact that people weren't likely stupid enough to mess around with anything near the clubhouse.

It got loud at 3am when they left. Didn't care in the least. They serve as a nice presence in the neighborhood. They didn't bother us, we didn't bother them.
Great story! always wondered about the Jokers building. Keep them coming.
good stuff. I also used to live nearby the Outsiders clubhouse over on 86th ish and Duke St in SE... You should take a picture of that joint - kinda hilarious looking. They mind their biz, I mind mine. Its all good.
Wasn't there also a black motorcycle clubhouse on Alberta where Office is now (before it burned down a few years ago)?
How I wish that the Gypsy Jokers were just a group of guys on cool bikes. This is not the case - they dress bad to be bad and feel that they are above the law because they feel that they are the law. Recently, a wonderful lady friend of mine was threatened at a bar in NE Portland (Halibut's) by one of the "higher ups" of the Gypsy Jokers. The Gypsy Joker threatened her life because she showed up at the bar as planned to pick up some sentimental items from her ex-boyfriend [name deleted for potential libelous content—eds.] and who is linked to the Gypsy Jokers. (His niece's fiance is a Gypsy Joker and helps him get drugs - the main reason my lady friend left him.) My friend stood her ground and got the police involved and there was heightened security in place to protect her. What the Gypsies do is drugs and if they can't hook you by drugs they'll attempt to hook your psyche by fear. Darn right low life thugs is what they are when you get down to it.

If only I wasn't a black lesbian diabetic udercover agent.Oh well,maybe I can start my own "club".


Just stay away from the Gypsies and their extended family members that condone the Gypsies behavior. You'll have a much happier life if you do. If you find yourself trying to leave the Gypsy "web" it soon becomes a nightmare. Also, DO NOT let your kids be around these folks - whether it be for metal works lessons in the NE Portland area studio or to learn/listen to the blues. You'll be sorry in the long run. It's just not a healthy environment for anyone, especially our young people who are so impressionable. The lady mentioned above who got emotionally bounced around and threatened by that Gypsy and his extended family members is a good example of what happens. I hope she is doing okay now, especially after those people did to her and put her through. That family, the blues singer/metal works instructor, the Gypsy the was directly involved, and ALL the Gypsies should be ashamed....
I first glanced these cats several months ago, while at a show next door. I thought, damn, these monks are hard knock slime.
Snuccka! Check it...Two night ago, I was diggin for some late-night speed rscing on I-5 north, when out of hells bells came two Jokers...They overtook me at the Fremont bridge, going 75mph.
I caught up, rode with them, in my bonny for a few minutes, them blew past them at 90, trying to set a new pace.
five seconds later, I feel and hear the keepers of hell blow past me...These old-school friday-night friek cats must have been pushing 120 on this 20 degree night.
I busted a hundred, then, took off my hat.
carpe outlaw Gypsums
Live and let live... Never undersestimate and ALWAYS RESPECT. Go Simon Go! Be glad they're your neighbors.
Live & let live... Always RESPECT and never underestimate. Be glad they're your neighbors! :D
Live and let live! Damn right! If ya aint got nothin nice to say then just shut your fat mouth!! Goooooooo Simon!!
this is to the (support your local) what ever ? it sounds like you got your but spanked by somebody? I would rather see the guys around than seeing some other wanna be car/biker club around! oh buy the way do your history on club supporter!!!!
Back to the (support your local) Hey you ever thought these guy dont wont the heat breathing down there necks all the time. they dont have to make the news to get respect like some other clubs do.Keep motorcyceling free!!!!!!!!!!!!!. big fan of simon
Gypsy Mike was my dad. He lost a hand throwin back a gernade... But he was a damn good man. Taught me honor and RESPECT. Dont run your mouth...Have some RESPECT, Or you just may offend someone.
I grew up with the Jokers since my mom lived with one for 14 years. He asked me once when I was about eight years old what I thought the Gypsy Jokers club was and this is what I told him: A group of men who enjoy riding motorcycles, they have the same friends and their families are all like extended family. They look out for what's theirs and take care of their own...
As I grew up I came to realize that they, just like everyone else are human. Some of them are damn fine men (my step-daddy included) and others...well, they lose their way sometimes - but that's why they have their brothers, to get them back to where they should be. I'm neither a supporter or a critic...just another human on the third rock baby...livin' my life the best I can, just like them :)
ive been to this place and the people who go there are really very nice. they just hang out and have fun in the clubhouse. its just a place for people to get together have drinks, listen to music and shoot pool. they keep to themselves mostly and are very genuine. i trust all the people i have met there.
i have been there more time than most of you and let me tell you those guys are the best help no matter what your problems are those of you that trash on them because of there theory in life go f--k your self keep riding free
I met a joker on his 60th birthday his attitude and story inspired me to get my shit together
The jokers are a club/gang. Mostly easy to get along with. Just like any group of people. There will be good and bad in the lot. A club/gang/fraternity/organization/church are a fellowship of people with similar likes and beliefs. I have witnessed and been a part of the "good and bad" in most of them. People are people since Cain killed his brother Able. Good and Bad amongst us all.
Good people with backbones DO NOT TREAT PEOPLE the way the Gypsy Jokers have as described in the previous comments. Putting themselves above the law, threatening folks because a Gypsy (or Gypsies) and/or their friends don't like something/someone, and affiliating themselves with drugs and violence is both juvenille and menancing, and eventually hurts good people including our kids. Their "loyalty" is misplaced and is indicative of gang mentality. No one in their right mind (or with a clean, caring conscience) could possibility be proud of being a part of such a sick enigma.
none of you sum bitches know jest what your talkin about...the Gypsy Jokers are 1% and anyone who disagrees well UP YOURS! Stupid people write badly about what they don't any of you muthafuckas that think you know about them can lick my nutts even though i don't have any!!! I know more than any of you punks out there or who are on this page so grow up and move on cuz nomatter what..or by any chance in this world you'll never ever be able to touch or amount to the greatness of the GJMC so put up or shut up..thank you for alowing me to tell you how it is..hope you all have a lovely night.
The above commentor should take a good look in the mirror and get some serious intense help. I'd lay odds that they have hurt many good folks and that the commentor doesn't have the heart to make amends. Pitiful soul....
We don't hurt anyone who doesn't deserve to be hurt! one on all and all one one....."why walk with dogs when you can run with wolves"
Retired GYMC
I am A girl from a small town and just wanted to say I have grown up around the most real colors black and white these colors have been respect honor and never harmful to anyone exept to anyone being or doing something in a place they know they shouldnt be trust your first feelings your instinct that will guide you oh and shut your mouth and listen that will get you further
Do I have to lay it out in BLACK & WHITE for yaz? Do you know how many toys these guys collect for the little kiddies for christmas?they are top organizers AND donators for the toys for tots yer locals!!!!!
Do I have to lay it out in BLACK & WHITE for ya? do you even realize how many toys these guys collect for the kiddies at christmas?they organize and donate so many toys (toys for tots)for children ,so they will have something under the tree for them!!!come on...when was the last time you did something like that? yer local........
Lookin to hook up. Tired of being alone and need a family
What a shitty article. Gypsy Jokers are not what's to blame in society. Maybe if the COUNTRY in it's entirety would associate with groups of people with similar ideals. Maybe some accountability from those like minded peers would help align our misguided and fragmented society into a more RESPECTFUL nation. Simon sez you could learn a lot from a JOKER! In my personal dealings with JOKERS and other people guilty of misinterpretation I've learned volumes. Maybe thinking before you speak could become the new super virus and infect us all with some common sense. Author do you have a passion for anything other than poorly contrived diatribe? Better yet try harder to get both sides of this issue and then you'll have an objective story to tell.
Their very own existence and presence in our community is a joke. They might as well all be wearing KKK hats coz every one of them is a racist to the point of attempted murder. Contrary to what the author wrote, a majority of them are on probation and a few of them are on Federal probation. I guess I can relate to their racism, because now days when I see Joker and I grind my teeth and want to kill them all. I have a real passionate hatred towards them derived from real world interactions with them. Their love for brotherhood is as misguided as a modern day street gang and their worried about their race? I tell you the truth the only thing that separates a joker from a thug is nothing. Let me all kill each other off then.