Since I can't read your article till the paper hits later today, I am curious if it addresses the need for a balance between less-than-lethal incapacitation methods and the old method of 9mm stopping power.

That said, tasers are stupid.
Yeah, I look forward to reading it. What interests me is the speed with which police will employ supposed non-lethal tactics like tasers as opposed to (threatning) lethal ones. It seems to be because the product has been branded non-lethal, police are more apt to use them quickly and in situations that could otherwise be resolved. Something like percentage of incidents resulting in physical contact (police vs. suspect) in 1990 versus today. I would wager the percentage now is significantly higher. Incapacitating suspects seems to have moved higher up the priority list, but what do I know. I have been threatened with beatdowns by police twice - once with a massive flashlight and once with a pistol to the face....no tasers yet.
I think the name is actually kinda cool. An electric rifle sounds like something out of Fallout.
First, opinion is divided on everything.
Did you find any stats on how many times a taser was deployed versus a gun?
and I like the HAPPY acronym

Perhaps it's not so much Tasers that are stupid as it is the cops and the insane drug war they are tasked with.

Perhaps if this country would get a fucking clue...