News Dec 15, 2008 at 7:18 am


That shoe-throwing story made my day yesterday. In Iraqi, the guy yelled, "Here is your goodbye kiss, you dog!"
I suppose that would be Arabic, by the way. Not "Iraqi". ; D
You know, the fact that a journalist in Iraq can stand up and throw shoes at Bush and not get executed on the spot is actually a bit of proof that we have liberated Iraq. I hate Bush more than anything but if he weren't such a complete, incompetent idiot, he could honestly point to a number of things in Iraq (most notably, that the Iraqi parliament had to respond to the people to come up with a security agreement, and that a member of the Iraqi press known to be opposed to Bush would be allowed in to a press conference and would be able to throw his shoes at Bush without immediate retribution) and claim that Iraq has achieved some freedom and that we have been victorious, and he could use this as a way to quickly withdraw troops.

That, in no way, excuses the way we've brutalized Iraqi civilians, and in no way excuses Bush for all of his atrocities.

This journalist is my new hero.


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