The Ruiz Questions, Part Two: "It was just these canned just felt like window dressing. I just didn't get a sense that I was part of a real interview, like there was no integrity to it."


After reading the job description I think Amy's experience qualified her. From what I know from reading her work here that she knows how to write, research, communicate, be a critical thinker and build working relationships. Matt may be better qualified to tell us if she has a decent sense of humor.
They must not be going out to Bunk.
But what does that have to do with a masters in urban planning?
Thank you Sam Adams for making it that much harder for openly gay politicians to be taken seriously, especially among conservative parents (and bigots) who are constantly throwing out the "I don't trust a gay man around my child" line. Your behavior has only furthered the ugly stereotypes surrounding gay people (especially gay men in power) as being nothing more sexually deviant liars who can't be trusted around young people. And to think that just last November, you stood on a soap box in the middle of an anti-Prop 8 rally and exclaimed (on videotape, nonetheless), that "my name is Sam Adams and I am here to recruit you!!"
Harvey Milk must be rolling over in his grave.
Harvey Milk had sex with 18 year old boys routinely.

What's your point?
D, did you notice the words "or" or "preferred" in the job listing? I don't see how this person's sour grapes should cause us concern. As a regular reader of Amy's reporting, including issues I have great familiarity with, it's clear to me that she has the kind of critical thinking, communication, and relationship-building skills emphasized in the listing. There are plenty of urban planning experts in the bureau(s); this position requires a communicator and a critical thinker. Amy will do fine, and this anonymous sourpuss, if as great as he/she claims, will also find a job. Next story?

It takes balls to do what you are doing. Having spent several years in a newsroom, I know how hard it can be to cover things that hit close to home. The way you are openly and transparently processing this story is refreshing. I can only hope other entities involved will proceed with equal candor and humility. On a day where I am filled with both hope and cynicism, I am placing some trust in you to see this through in a respectful way. Good luck.
The job is sustainability assistant and researcher. Not the director of Planning and Sustainability. It's a research, liaison and media relations position. Amy Ruiz is well qualified.

It is unseemly to see the Mercury reporting this way, inappropriately rabid.
Ohhhhhhhhhhhh. Ignore my comment on the earlier post. I guess I do get it after all.

Not sure I agree, though. As I read it, Amy was qualified.
Amy is extremely qualified for the job and she will do well if they don't just nix the position. After all, Sam did just completely reorganize almost all of the environmental bureaus and CREATED this position (am I wrong on that?) Of course Amy is right for this position, they made it FOR her.

That is the sorriest part of this entire mess, we need the changes Adams has implemented (and hopefully will continue to implement) and we need people like Amy in positions like this.
i'm glad that a person such as myself who WAS qualified for the job as stated in the announcement and not only took the time to apply for the job but got dressed and took my application in person didn't even get a fucking interview. Any head in the sand apologists need to listen to those who know what they're talking about, such as the U of O Dean of Journalism. This is simply cronyism, nothing less.
Good to see that not even herbal infusion could stop you from asking those "hard-hitting" questions.
Amy doesn't seem to have the qualifications for the job she landed at all. The motivations for hiring her look very suspect.
Amy needs to be FIRED or resign NOW. Same for Scam.
I think it's funny that you interviewed a bitter former applicant who was passed over for the job and used it as evidence.
Jeez people, how simple can this be?
She was about to out him about over his mis-conduct and illegal activities. She gets an 80k a year job that obviously needed no experience to get. She kills story and hops on the gravy train. Conspiracy to cover up a major felony is breaking the law. Plain and simple. Ethics aside (Portland Style!) this is an on going criminal event.