Do You Want Taxes... or Dead Kittens?


MultCo animal services never did anything anyway - the private shelters around town do the real work.
The county would not send out animal control if you called their automated number.
They better slash their budget. Everyone else has to and the less damage the government can do the better.
Maybe the kittens and homeless drug addicts can live in the new stadium!
@D - In 2007, the shelter took in 4,312 dogs and 5,567 cats.
More new taxes!
OK the shelter thing sucks, I agree. My main beef is with animal control services. Funding it helps very few, so if it remains useless, axe it.
As long as they only kill kittens and not puppies I'm fine with it. Cats are so overdone.
a cat/not a cat/cat from the dead/dbag cat is gonna be PISSED
Yes, I'm rather upset about it. Not sure why you have to be so mean, though, migueleron.
Vegas line had the pussycat coming back in a week. He/she made the over. Cat now joins the ranks of favre/Holyfield for the shortest retirement. Not commenting on nefarious Davis' gun post had to pain you so much!
Cool story, bro.
At least the County's suggested tax will go to some good. A lot better than the City funding soccer, making cuts to necessary services and then deciding to tax the public to pay for the arts. I guess if you have art & soccer you don't need food, shelter or health care, right Sam Adams?
Let's set up a restaurant that sells the kitten meat and we'll give the insane addicts room and board in exchange for working there! All three problems solved at once!
To D:

Did you know the county shelter is the only one in the area that takes stray cats and dogs at any time? That you have to make an appointment to take a cat or dog to OHS or Cat Adoption Team or other private shelters? That MCAS is the *only* county shelter that takes stray dogs?

Before you open your mouth, why don't you actually have a clue about what is coming out of it...