Ground Kontrol Announces First Annual Pinbrawl Tournament


I recently noticed that the Tommy machine has been removed from Rotture. Not like it was playing great, but still :(

This tournament is going to rule. Anyone who's into pinball should go! Hopefully it will turn into a popular annual event... also, would be a good link to have in this post.
I like pinball but I don't like to admit it because saying you don't like pinball upsets hipsters SO MUCH.
I wish I could punch NOT A CAT in the face like that dude in the picture. Seriously.
Still boycotting GK because they removed the classic Street Fighter 2 machine and replaced it with Turbo edition. Big disappointment there, never been back.
Hey, thanks for the blog post. We had around 120 people enter, which far exceeded our expectations. It was by far the biggest and best tournament that Portland has had. I'm doing a write-up for pinball news - if the merc wants a quick report, I'll gladly supply one (I was once a real writer for a weekly!).