Blazers vs Nuggets - Hot Live Blog Action


Where is everybody?!
Sergio just punked the hell out of Andersen. That was hilarious. Not all your hate is well founded.
Graham, don't you owe me an apology for that Batum comment? I can see him...

Life has been punking Anderson for the past 30 years, I can't give Sergio too much credit.

Who's the person behind the new Blazers "Uprise" song. Just saw the commercial.
How come every time I hear the name Channing Frye, I think of a matronly Broadway actress?
"Introducing Channing Frye as Blanche DuBois, in Portland Community College's presentation of A Streetcar Named Desire"
I'd Like to see Pryzbilla the Killah Chinchilla break Anthony in half.
Blazers are 25 - 0 leading half-time at home? Well, I guess I'm going to go get in line for those playoff tickets now. Let's see, where's my tent.
ezra, you're right.

I hereby do formally apologize for that thing I said about you and Batum.

I still think you're sub-human or something else mean.
Put away the tent...

"Ticket services says that people will not be allowed to camp out in the Rose Quarter overnight. Security will be there to kick people out. People will be allowed to line up for tickets starting at 6 AM Thursday morning."
6 AM? Hell, I'll lurk around the Rose Quarter until 6 AM. Just like any other night.
Ah, stupid work. I'd be there bright and early if I could.
Quoth the color guys on television, "The team that has won the first game of the playoff series has taken the series 78% of the time."

Well, that sounds nice.
BTW. Are they still giving out free chalupas when Blazers score over 100?
Yes. Chalupas are now raining down from the rafters. It's worse than a 'Nam firebomb. It burns.
Well, looks like my food review will be late tomorrow. I'll be too busy standing in line for playoff tickets and then going to the pep rally in Pioneer Square at noon.

Wait, maybe I'll write my review while I'm standing in line! Yeah!
Ezra, do you sit at a long table with TVs and laptops at the top of the 200 level? And was there a package of delicious looking cookies on top of a TV near you last night? If so I sit directly above you and we were trying to devise a plan to harpoon those cookies.

Also I have to give Andersen a little credit for having a sense of humor, being a good sport etc., when the fans gave him shit when he came off in the 4th. At the very least the guy can laugh at himself (along with 20,000 other people).
Yes!! Those cookies were actually baked by your truly. They were vegan chocolate chip/cherry and were my gift to my fellow writers for having to put up with my stupid wisecracks for all 41 home games. You could have asked for some, since we had plenty of cookies to spare.
I will holler if I see any delectables on your TV Saturday night.

Woo! Playoffs! WOO!
"Chris Anderson is easily the most embarrassing looking player in the NBA".

No love for Robert Swift? He has the Birdman beat by a mile.