Adams Reconsiders Coliseum/Stadium Plan


Awesome Brian!! Thank you for speaking out!
Thanks for the effort, Brian.

If Adams doesn't knock it off with this whole "make a stupid declaration, then finally agree to explore options after very reasonable public backlash" thing, I'm totally scared that the recall idiots will have a chance, or at least enough public animosity to make things more of a mess than they are.
p.s. sarah:

"Last week Matt and I talked to numerous urban planners and architects who say the Mayor's several large, swift development projects are making "Little Beirut" resemble Little Dubai."

This comment isn't getting less stupid with use. If you talked to "numerous urban planners" who said this, just quote them. Any of them. Journalistic standards, no? Do we need to explain the problem again?
Hi Bunny,

Thank you for recognizing the broad public support that the Recall has.

Please know that we are cleaning up the mess that Sam Adams initially made. More so, our campaign is based on holding Adams accountable for the civic transgressions that he has already committed.

Come July the public will have an opportunity to express their frustration with Sam Adams for willfully lying to us to get elected, orchestrating an elaborate cover-up and abusing his power.

With much respect,
Jasun Wurster
Jasun, I've come to admire your drive with the recall, but I have to clarificate that I think it's a bad idea. The fact that the Mayor's current professional shortcomings are going to be inevitably conflated with the original recall issues isn't good. To just start using recall loopholes to deal with mayoral actions strikes me as really bad precedent, and not actually conducive to making portland better.
Jasun -

Please don't erode whatever integrity your recall campaign may have by conflating policy differences with alleged transgressions.

Recalling officials over policy disputes (or misinterpretations of said disputes) doesn't generally work out well. See how that whole Gray Davis / Enron / Arnie thing worked out for California.
I just had a great idea- let the mcmemamin brother develop MC! Fuck the suburbanite development company. Have a 50's theme restaurant with the cars like in Pulp Fiction! Have a fabulous rec club on one side complete with the world's most amazing set of multiple temperature salt-water pools (a la sunset tennis club only with views of the water), radiant heat flooring, (solve the stupid complaints about HVAC) racquetball courts, and a climbing wall open until midnight. On the other side have the world's coolest bar and dance venue open all night, with the mixologist that just won an award. Have an irradiation box and provide recycled sterilized swimsuits with the towels so noone has to mess around going home to get their bathing suit when they suddenly, after several drinks, have an impulse to get in the WATER, NOW....WE COULD BE RIO! WE COULD BE PARIS!
FYI, I drove past the coloseum and the thing is absolutely one of the wonders of the world! It is freaking megolithic abnd monolithic and, well, breathtaking. How did they EVER build that hideous Rose Garden? AND HOW COULD ANYONE BE CRASS ENOUGH TO HAVE EVER IMAGINED TEARING THE MEMORIAL COLOSEUM DOWN. I've lived in Portland for fifteen years, and that thing is such a mystery I NEVER EVEN NOTICED IT.
@Jasun Wurster

Nothing new on the recall website posted since 3/27. No posts on the message board since 4/11 and that was about contacting the creators of South Park about doing a Sam Adams episode. That was posted in a thread about educating the arts community. Are you going to keep telling us we should expect major noise in the next few weeks like you were saying a few months ago?

Good work on the compromise. I still think the MC is going to be torn down eventually but if they can find a way to make it useful then I'm all for that too.

Always a pleasure to be discredited by you. We will be bringing up a PAC early next month and most of the time is now coordinating volunteers about the 3/27 post. If you are a registered user of the site you will have access to the weekly newsletters as well. I guess you missed the memo that this campaign is focused in neighborhoods and not on the Internet.

For your reading pleasure:

Hi Bob,

The reason I posted was to ensure people that the recall of Sam Adams is because of his actions prior to the whole MLS/MC issue. We do not require any other reasons to remove him from office.

As always thank you for your advice and very civil questions.


Thanks you for the kind words (which are few on the digital streets of Blogtown). Please know that I personally view the recall as the ultimate check and balance that citizens have against corrupt politicians. Recalls should not be used lightly nor is this recall for the reasons you describe.

Sam's lack of public trust and political capitol are because of his actions prior to him talking the office of Mayor. We are simply holding him accountable in a positive, ethical and civil recall campaign.

Now all we need is for Will to call me a clown for this iteration of the berate the volunteer spokesperson session to be complete.
Jasun Wuster
Big big big hug, Jasun, you are a comforting force in this crazy landscape.
And Mr Libby (per his own admission) will continue to admire the bulding from afar and never step foot inside it.
So we build a baseball park next to the MC and then what? Who is going to buy that bulding? Are the people of PDX going to contine to subsidize it to the tune of half.a mil a year till it implodes on itself? Or is Libby going to run a campaign to spend tens of millions of taxpayer dollars to remodel it into something?

What's your plan other than no? Libby and the Mercury are increasingly sounding like Congressional Republicans. 'Just Say No!' And then offer no alternative.

Herein lies the problem with the Mercury picking the architects as their horse to try to derail the MLS to PDX deal. They don't give a crap about anything other than preserving the MC for no other reason than preserving it for aesthetic reasons. Now that is apparently accomplished they will disappear into their warrens and abdicate any responsibility to figure out a real solution to the MC.

Meanwhile Mirk and Davis will be left looking for a new vehicle to run their transparent campaign to derail this effort.

The level of dishonesty coming from Ms Mirk is pretty remarkable. I have twice now attended the same meeting she has been at (today and last week) and her complete inability to even quote people correctly much less report basic facts is cringe worthy.

As I have said all along this deal will pass we will have MLS in PDX and a great new ballpark for the Beavers and transplants like Davis and Mirk will have long moved on to the next hip city and us Portlanders will enjoy the gleaming stadiums and packed crowds and look back at the naysayers like the defunct PDX Mercury with a laugh.
Dude, Blabby hasn't even checked in. Don't short-change us, it's been away since we got a decent recall spat.
(that was to jasun... damn quick paced blogz)
Any chance we can tear everything down and put up anything but sports and megacorporate expo halls?
"Over the next nine days, we will do our due diligence and put in good quality time"

Ha ha ha ha ha! Of course, by the City's standards, I guess nine days IS a lot of time to put into due diligence.

These chumps are so far out of their league with guys like Paulson and any half-experienced developer. What a joke.

"And while me and the other city councilors are fellating you Merritt, can you repeat your story about the tremendous 'upside' the City is going to get from this deal? It makes me feel like a savvy businessman."

I would pay real money to hear what Mark Edlen and his ilk say about the City Council when they're back at the club house and no one is listening. I would love to know just how much they really "respect" the City's "business sense."

And let's build a $200 million convention center hotel while we're at it. The task force of developers and construction unions said it was a good idea! We are f**king rubes.
Dumb Bunny, thanks for missing me. I like your homage to Bowser. I desperately need to change my own avatar.
Blabby, you couldn't have done anything more awesome than that. Please let me have your babies. I suspect Graham wants a few, also.…


"I desperately need to change my own avatar."

Yay! There is hope for the promise of change!
@Jasun Wurster

The recall effort is focused in neighborhoods alright. Neighborhoods in Vancouver, WA, Lake Oswego, OR, and in Gresham, OR. Funny me...I just live off Hawthorne and give it daily walks. The only talk I've heard about Sam Adams is people making fun of the people from Lake Oswego and Vantucky getting up in front of our city council to show their umbrage. Several of my friends work downtown and I've asked them if they've heard anything. All three of them just laughed and said no.

You're doing a very effective job of getting your message out there Jasun. Maybe you should try focusing your recall effort on the internets because right now its in the early stages of an epic fail. But that's kind of sweet...maybe you'll get posted on the fail blog or something like that.
Hey Garret,

Thank you for providing a textbook example of of how your acquaintances and coworkers are a 'Self Selecting Group'.

Again for your reading pleasure:

For a recall to be successful all we need is 50% +1 vote. I fully respect you and your group of friends right not to support the recall.

However, do you really think that just because some trendy Hawthorne hipster with a cushy downtown job say (on a blog) that I am going to fail is going to cause me to crawl in a little ball and quit because?

Dude, high school is over. Here is an idea, how about you sign up for the Communications Period at city council and speak in favor of Adams (you will be the first). Till then, the big people are talking here, so take your rightful place at the little kids table until you decide to walk the walk ('cuz we know you can talk the talk... at least on your "internets").


@Jasun Wurster

Funny...I don't work downtown. I wouldn't exactly call myself a hipster either. Coming from a dude that lives in a basement and shows up to testify at city hall in a hoodie and jeans that's a pretty strong assertation to make.

I say you're going to fail because nobody is talking about you anymore except you. You put ridiculous posts up anywhere you can to try and get any attention you can to your recall campaign. They're directed to a website that has little information available and little to no activity in the last month. The only publicized activity of the recall group are a bunch of toxic right wing radio people. The last time I can remember seeing coverage of anyone going in front of city council to blab about why they think Sam should go it was a lady from Lake Oswego. I'm a guy that works in the communications industry and this recall campaign has been brought up in meetings on what not to do. Nobody but you will come out and say they're in charge of this campaign and the obvious assumption is that is because they probably have alterior motives for wanting Sam out that extend beyond the general "he lied to us" assertation that is always thrown out.

I showed up to a last minute rally in support of Sam that had around 500 people. The people that wanted Sam to resign had a rally with about 50 people and according to reports they were passing out religious tracts. One of which was handed to me and it was about curing "the gay disease". I don't know that I need to go and waste the council's time by testifying on why I think Sam should stay. They have other important business to work on rather than listen to me blabber. Also, its just way too fun to mock you.
Like I said Garret,

Big people are talking here. If ever you want to give up your booster seat and sippy cup by being an active citizen there will always be a seat for you to speak directly to city council in support of Sam. But don't wait too long because his time in office is limited.


Am I the only one here who thinks someone is fraudulently posing as Jasun in those last 2 posts?

Garrett, whoever it is has got a point. A member of the Timbers army who spends his days constantly posting on blogtown has hardly got his hand on the pulse of the city at large. Be honest: when was the last time you were east of I-205?
> All three of them just laughed and said no.

All THREE of them??!!? Wow, it must be true then!

Way to go, architecture nerds and sustainability tools. You may have saved a useless building that none of you will ever enter again, but that we'll all be paying to maintain forever. Thanks.

Just because I happen to sit in a certain section of a stadium makes me no less of a citizen. The funniest thing about how you lump members of the TA into a group and dismiss them is you literally have no idea what you're talking about. You don't know what I do, you don't have any idea of my history, you have no idea of my experience. I sort of like it that way though.

I do applaud Jasun though. It's good he's staying so positive. He's just too easy to go after. Maybe if anyone on the recall campaign would like to stand up an be transparent I'd give it half a chance. Until then Jasun can go out and claim all he wants about how pure the recall campaigns motives are but other than Jasun the only people really making a stink about this anymore are right wing radio personalities. Those people are toxic in Portland and associating them with the recall is enough to dismiss it alone.
I wish I got as excited about anything as this Libby fellow does about buildings.
Guy who spells his name "Jasun" = douche.
Guy who spells his name "Jasun" = douche.

Hey, as much as I criticize the guy, he can spell his name however he wants (or his parents wanted, if that's the case). Don't starve excitement from life! (Maybe I'm a bit envious because my name is "Bob".)
"The funniest thing about how you lump members of the TA into a group and dismiss them is you literally have no idea what you're talking about."

I go to every Timbers game Garrett. I had season tickets last year, and haven't missed a game the past 3 seasons. I often sit with the army. Not always, but often.

You didn't answer my question.
Your silence is deafening, Garrett.
"Your silence is deafening, Garrett."

Given that your reply to BlackedOut's comment came 4 hours later, and you've now allowed less than 2.5 hours before complaining about silence, perhaps you might want to wait a little while longer...
Hi All,

First, I do want to commend Brian Libby for his positive civic participation for something that he believes passionately about (which I recognize what this blog posting was about).

The above 2 posts were me. Though when I speak for myself I will use only my first name in lowercase. Generally I will put a little 'Blogtown snark' on my comments when I post as myself and not repersenting the Recall. Personally, it is kinda of hard for me to get constantly attacked for being positive. At times I post as myself in a way that is more assertive than how I speak on behalf of the Recall campaign (because the attacks are personal).

If I may share a story that just happened to me today to refuet Garret's claims:

I was at the Goodwill Bins with a friend and as we were checking out (we got the 25+ lb. price! Which included a tie and some collared shirts) the cashier looked at my credit card and mentioned how she had seen my name before. I told her that I have been in the news lately because of the Recall. She told me thanked me and told me that she totally supported Adams' recall. This is happening more often to me from people who I do not know, which is a bit more valid than self-selecting groups.

Garret, the Recall campaign is totally transparent. Not only do I meet with volunteers but I also meet with people who have serious concerns about the campaign. If ever you would like to meet for coffee I would make the time to talk with you. We may disagree but I will answer any questions that you have... as long as it does not jeopardize the livelyhood of city employees or small business owners who fear retaliation from Adams for supporting his removal.

I have made promises to protect the people who have legitimate fears of Adams. I also have politely declined to be on the raido shows you reference because I believe that the citizens of Portland as a whole should recall Sam Adams based solely on his civic transgressions prior to Jan. 19th.

Bob, As always thank you Sir for knowing where the line is and reminding others.

Now I have a TV news interview to get ready for.

With much respect,
Jasun Wurster

Bob R

Your attacks on Jasun are in the spirit of what Sam Adams did to Robert Ball. In my personal opinion you are one sick man.
[Automatic copy-paste response, for none other is needed anymore: VanSmack is a troll profile created on February 18th for the purpose of insulting me and spreading lies about me. A cursory review of VanSmack's comment history will reveal a narrowly-focused personal vendetta -- however, VanSmack continues to choose to hide behind a pseudonym rather than deal with real people in the real world.]