My Day In the Wilderness of the Grilledcheeseburger


Wow... PAC... What happened to your writing? This should be a feature piece and not relegated to the ghetto of /b/town.
The shiny moments of /b/town have been outdoing the print version for quite a while now, often because of Patrick. I think the ed's might have jumped on the whole print=dead thing a bit too hard.
"How the hell do they taste"???
It's a burger between grilled cheese sandwiches! I can tell you without so much as smelling one.....

I <3 the grilled cheese grill, everything I've had there was ridiculously good. Plus the whole school bus thing is adorable.
However, I think I'll save myself for the cheaper, better looking, cuter named, and TEXAS TOASTY youCANhas.

Thanks for eating these, so I didn't have to try them both.
Excellent, entertaining read. Yeah, it is well written, but it is the storytelling that really shines, with just the right amount of embellishment and goofiness. Thanks for putting in the effort; it doesn't go unappreciated.
The pictures need work. At least make it look somewhat appealing like the first pic?
In the South, there is a hallowed late night dining experience known as Waffle House, where this concoction is called a Patty Melt. I enjoyed several years of this gut busting delight. I have a recipe that's pretty tasty if you're interested. It of course calls for a stick of butter.
well written and kinda funny - sure thing, but gotta admit I'm kinda getting tired of seeing stories about high fat food creations (the hamburger between 2 donuts, the recreated Taco Town taco) and the hipster writers that dare to eat them. Oh the lipids, Oh my cholesterol, oh my heart and arteries! It's one freaking meal - man up!
Man, why'd you DRIVE to get those gcbs? You should have walked it off, yo!
Even though the Grilled Cheese Grill's burger costs more than the Brunch Box overall Grilled Cheese Grill has very great prices. I ate there for the first time Sunday the 2nd and came back for more Tuesday the 5th. I highly recommend "the Southsider" it has mozarella cheese with sundried tomatoes, mushrooms, & artichoke on sourdough. All of that yummy goodness for just $5. Great people, great atmosphere, and excellent food. I LOVE GRILLED CHEESE GRILL!
I as well just graced the Grilled Cheese Grill's lil trailer and had the Hot Brie. 2 yums up.
Appearance-wise. I think the cheesus looks tastiest. And I think I'm going to eat one for dinner tonight.
Brunch box's is good. I ate it for lunch today. (Not that artery stopping, or at least, I'm still alive now.)
Wow, dude. That is an impressive day. I have had similarly unwise food samplings in my recent past, but your writing of this adventure made it quite a bit more enjoyable than embarking on my own stomach fuck. Thanks for keeping it real!
Thanks for the props Patrick. We are really enjoying your food writing. And like I said, "surely there is room for more than one grilled cheese burger in Portland."