Tonight! Artists Plan to Pack the House for City Budget Hearing


Is the neon rose artist invited?
Poor guy.
But how will they fill the potholes and feed the children? WHAT ABOUT THE CHILDREN!
I look forward to the several months' worth of outrage from the Mercury staff at the idea of a small special interest group getting city funding to subsidize their chosen entertainment, in the absence of any studies showing net economic benefits.
Ooh, Stu, you beein' MEAN.
And there are studies, lots of them.
Can't we be like the fucking Bhutanese for one GODDAM second and think in terms of happiness as gdp? (Was it the Bhutanese? It sure wasn't the Burmese, who are currently in some fucking junta cage and have been, for like, a century).

Art makes many many people happy.
The way sports makes many, many people happy.
(And some sports, soccer, eg, appeal to artists too, who enjoy anatomy, speed, inventiveness, sheer beauty etc etc ad nauseum). (Unlike baseball).
Art makes people happy. Art is good. Government funded art is stupid.
D need nappy and juicebox. :(