I like culturally insane. I despise and resent functionally insane, which this city has now officially become.
way to go, vanessa and brian

Mykle? I know it can be difficult to remember if the a or e come first in Michael, but WTF? But I'm sure he's a beautiful person and all.
What a handsome fellow.
Secret Sculpture Officially Cements FUCKING DOUCHEBAGS Into City
I want to hear more about the cherry tomato skirt, and a pic would be appreciated.

What next, a sculpture honoring fixies? Or is that the same thing?
smirk, get a copy editor. This crap is painful:

"who meet ever Sunday night"

ever what?
And more and more:

"The city quickly ruled about anything shaped"

maybe you meant:

"The city quickly ruled out anything shaped"
> Secret Sculpture Officially Cements FUCKING DOUCHEBAGS Into City

Got it in one.
And bike portland has some pics up of the finished thing:…
to the 99th monkey good job.
The People's Bike Library is a grassroots barely organized free bike program that has been in operation since 2002. That is a good run.
Behind the scenes of "douchebags" there are some very amazing visionaries. I have personally seen many people tranform their lives for better or worse, but mostly much greener, through the bike fever zoobombing instills.
Seeing the people transformed into human powered vehicles is enlightening and is totally IN right now.

Zoobombers would still be locking their clunky pile up at the Pizza Shop. It just got a face lift.
People have ben zoobombing in this city way before there was even a MAX or a zoo.

And did you not catch the golden bike, like the 8th chakra, inspiring bicycles to receive and give more light in the city, elbowing our place amongst the pavment and metals?

Everyone who has zoobomed is a Zoobomber.
I dare you to count all of them and tell me it doesn't stand as a righteous representation of our city.

we bomb the hills so fast sometimes we crash sometimes we're transhed
but we always get up.

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