Last Night at the Drammys


Is a flower suit considered formal-wear for the drama community? Are drama-nerds really that out of touch?

Flower suits are SO 2005. 2009 is all about Pedobear suits.…
"a thoughtful gesture that added at least a half an hour to the proceedings."

It was shorter than last year by a good 30 minutes.
I sure did! I meant that it added a half hour to this year's proceedings, not as compared to last year.
I think because she was sitting up front center, Storm didn't realize that the people in the back couldn't hear the show (as usual), so why not chat it up? Last night's room held many excellent sound designers and other theatre techs who could have set it up right. Why doesn't the Drammy committee fish that pool for next year's ceremony, so everyone can hear? :)
HR, I believe that the Crystal Ballroom uses their own tech staff for renters, even if those renters ARE theater folk. I sat way in the back and could hear some of the presenters just fine... I think it was a speaking directly into the microphone issue more than a set up issue.
"How to talk into a microphone" should be a required class to graduate from high school. I was at a meeting two weeks ago when a guy was trying to use hand gestures while talking and holding the microphone and people had to explain to him, (several times!) that that didn't work.