We Have Half An Economic Development Strategy!


Matt - just out of curiosity because I know you are generally not fond of actual sources but where did you get that 17 to 18% Unemployment forecast number?
That's scary if true.
The dirty little secret (IOW, economics 101) is that the best thing the city can do to increase competition, stimulate vitality, drive innovation, thus increase business friendliness/jobs is to cut back regulations, taxes and fees.
Otherwise known as smarting themselves out of a job.
Don't count on it.
By the way - how have the current gov't plans (local and national) been working in regards to the unemployment rate this year?
For clarification, Finnegan: The PDC people included it in their presentation.
"In other words: We know we want jobs! We think we know where those jobs are going to come from! We've got a great team of graphic designers!"

Correction: they have no frickin clue where those jobs are going to come from.
I want to know what lies in the nexus of the little triangular shape in the very middle? The Ark of the Covenant? The Holy Grail?

Tell me!
Note to planners: Cubespace is no longer an "existing incubator" (p. 15). As for the nexus, I'm guessing it's unicorns.
"We love that, but we also want people to know that we're a great place to do business, so we're going to be launching a campaign to that effect.""

Wouldn't the business environment speak for itself if that were the case? Seeing Lufthansa bail and Leasing signs on every downtown street is probably a bigger sign of the business acumen than cute street renames taking up our government's time.