Video of Bar Fight & Gun Shot Outside Sewickly's


So... no follow up with the PPB to find out if any charges are being pressed against the gentleman who discharged the firearm?

I was at Tanker when this was going down. The guy in the red shirt who fired the gun just stood there waiting for the cops to show up. He seemed to know what was going on and was prepared to reap the whirlwind.

In awesomer news, the mojitos on Friday night at Tanker were being made from mint that was freshly picked from the bar manager's garden. And the bartender doesn't know when to stop pouring the vodka. I had two and they were delicious.
Hi Graham,
Most of the info from this post is from police public information officer Mary Wheat. She says it does not look like charges have been filed against either of the two yet, or at least the paperwork on the charges has not yet come in.
Miss Mirk: Don't feed the troll.
is it illegal to shoot the pavement?
@dieselboi In general it is illegal to discharge a firearm in the city limits. There are many many exceptions that make the discharge legal. The charge that would most likely result from something like this is reckless endangerment.

He did fire into the ground rather than in air (a large number of people are injured or killed each year from bullets falling downward after being fired into the air), so I give him a +1 for not being completely stupid.
This happens in Phoenix every 5 minutes. Srsly I grew up there. Dudes who go out to bars to find other dudes to fight are super cool.........
Firing into blacktop / concrete isn't safe-- a ricochet could have easily killed a bystander.

Buuuuuuuuut I'm sure Mr. Concealed-Carry thinks he solved all the worlds problems and walked away a bigger man for tossing one off in front of a crowd of people on a reasonably well-populated area. Way to go, moron!

Also seems like he was at least 15-20 feet away from where the "action" was taking place at the time-- makes me wonder if he was actually threatened, or he was shooting to scare the guy threatening his buddy in the parking lane.
Fucking idiots...
Stay away from the street! He HATES THIS STREET!
My girlfriend and I live in the apartments next door, facing the street. It's an awesome neighborhood except for the idiots I have to walk around on weekend nights and the 12 - 20 person brawls that break out of Sewickly's with some regularity.

It started with the occasional shouting and shoving match and it was more a laugh than anything. But it's been getting worse. Like six shitfaced douchebags kicking the crap out of someone on the ground and going right back into to Sewickly's where they're served another round. And now this.

We've been woken up many times at 2 - 3am to call 911. Not a problem for us (comes with living near bars, obviously), but for the poor bastards taking a beating -- sometimes by the same patrons on different nights. Seriously considering just calling the OLCC next time.

This is a systemic problem and needs to stop before someone ends up crippled or dead for doing little more than mouthing off after a few drinks.
For those who want to get the OLCC involved with the wonderful Sewickly's here's the complaint form to send in:…
Did not know one could "film" with a cell phone.
Well, he may have prevented someone from being stabbed or killed. Though, I guess, unless he was the one being threatened with the knife, he may be in deep doo-doo.
I have seen NO reference to this DB having his concealed and carry.
I'll put odds that he doesn't.
A little birdy also told me that Sewickly's is under investigation by the OLCC for a bartender slipping roofies into drinks.

I'm not a fan of the OLCC but at some point you gotta say enough's enough.

Speaking of enough's enough- goddamn the 'hood is overrun by hipsters these days. Maybe the old graffiti at hipster corner was right:

"Too many hipsters. Not enough crime". Maybe getting a little Wild Wild West action will chase them back to Mississippi and Alberta.

Just kidding.
WANT SOME FACTS? So, for those of you who care, I was one getting the shit beaten out of me by a group of 8-10 guys. While I was on the ground getting beat, a guy pulled out a knife. My friend tried fighting to help save my life. Once he found out that someone had a knife, he knew he could no longer fist fight to save me. He took a few steps back, pulled out his gun (which he DOES have a permit to carry) and yelled at the group to stop beating me. They finally got off me, and I went to my friends side, dazed and confused from being kicked and punched in the head repeatedly. The group did not stop coming after us even with my friends gun out. A guy from the group grabbed for my friends gun, and I punched him in the head. After that we knew there was still a knife in their group but did not know which one had it. They kept chasing us down the street, so my friend had every right to protect our lives. If it wasn't for him I wouldn't be here today.
He is my St. Christopher, my guardian Angel.
Thanks brother!!!

And just to let you know, all gun charges were dropped in court today. Boo yah!
Hurray!!!!! Or Huzzah!!!! Whichever you prefer. Frankly, I would never go into a place like that, if I knew that always had fights and general mayhem. I was a peaceful drinker.
A couple of years ago Sewickly's started to be run by A man named Brian, he is the owners son and he attracts this trouble without a doubt. He is the person that was accused by two women of slipping roofies into their drinks (not the bartenders, I know them and trust me all of this just makes them sick!), he took a long vacation while the lawsuits were settled and the block calmed down and was in general a fun place to be,but Brian has returned and so has the trouble. Shame on you Sewicks you know who the problem really is, funny how these things didn't happen AT ALL while he was gone.
My boyfriend is THE BARTENDER at Sewicklys and has been for 13 years. He has always taken pride in his job and is very well liked by EVERYONE. For those of you who dont know what the hell you are talking about.THERE WAS NEVER ANY RUFFIES SLIPED IN ANY DRINKS AT ANY TIME! DONT YOU THINK THAT IF THIS WERE TRUE THE OLCC WOULD HAVE SHUT THEM DOWN LONG AGO? SPEAKING OF THE OLCC THEY AND THE STAFF HAVE A GREAT RELATIONSHIP, AND COMUNICATE REGULARLY As for the recent brawl that broke out it was broken up in a matter of seconds and taken outside, with the police being called within a few minutes of that.
I find it a bit weird that the guy who recorded the fight and called it into the news is the same guy who wants to buy this bar
I have many times woke after a night at Sewicks feeling like I had been drugged, lol. The drinks are just that strong combined with my llack of moderation at times, hehe. The bartenders there are the nicest people you will ever meet, I hope they are not judged on the actions of these morons.
Yo-Bro douchebags getting drunk & beating on some guy who looks at them sideways? Who would have thunk it?
For anyone who finds it "weird that the guy who recorded the fight and called it into the news is the same guy who wants to buy this bar", allow me to explain.

He owns the block next door. That's why he wants to buy the building. He was at Tanker, stepped outside to smoke (he's a smoker, you have to smoke outside now), and saw the fight, so he filmed it. On his cell phone. He loaded it to YouTube, and emailed some friends. He didn't call the news, they called him.

Don't try to divert attention by suggesting some kind of motive. Pure coincidence. I'm sure anyone with a cell phone video camera, witnessing a fight at any bar would have recorded it and put it on YouTube too.
So after prying into the sordid history of Sewlicky's and particularly Brian Baker, I would have to say that it seems like Mr. Baker is not a welcome fixture in the neighborhood. After fleeing the state to escape from a police investigation into the theft of lottery money, he then forced his own mother to pay out $120,000 to two women whom he slipped roofies to and then raped. A wonderfully classy fellow.

With the noticeable uptick in violence and disturbances in his bar since his return a year ago Brian Baker should no longer be involved with the running of his mother's business. He should no longer be involved with the area at all. He should go back to wherever he was hiding and try to stop raping women.
Stay at TANKERS then
Hey little man why dont you just stay and drink at TANKERS?
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Oh bartendersgirl, BTW It's "Tanker" dickhead.
Anyway, I'd say the situation was fairly well handled by the legal permit possessing carrier of the firearm. I suppose the guy who grabbed for the gun is lucky that the guy had the discretion not to just put a couple of rounds in him. I for one hope Mr. Concealed Carry does feel like he solved a problem and I hope he is proud of what he did. That's what happens when you do the right thing and stand up for someone who is being hurt.
From an ex-cop's perspective:

Shooting the ground was a technical no-no. Legally speaking, concealed gun licensees are taught, trained and told to "shoot to stop" a person, in the center of their body (to lessen the chance of missing the "bad guy" and hitting someone else. Shoot for the biggest area, not legs or arms or heads). Warning shots, displays of the gun for intimidation, and so on are entirely illegal.

And he knew that. And knew he could likely get in trouble for it. They told him so in class. He did it anyway, because the alternative was to do what the law and his training required: shoot the person holding the knife until he is no longer a threat, likely but not with the sole intent of, killing him.

A drunk twat is still a human being, and that human being (drunk and twattish though he remains) is alive because of the decision. That's worth something.

For those worried about technicals: a gunshot straight down into asphalt is not going to ricochet. That's not how it works other than on TV. Soft lead goes into soft tar-based-pavement . . . not gonna bounce. Still a very bad idea, but not for that reason.

Lastly, this guy had the gun the whole time. If he was drinking with it, that's fucking stupid, but aside from that: he was in a fight. He could have pulled that gun at any time but refrained until the end, trying to avoid it even if it meant getting his and/or his friend's ass kicked. From the video, it seems he used his gun as a LAST resort, to save a life, and still chose to put himself in legal hot water rather than kill (thus saving a second life).

So, the problem is? ? ?

Just minutes after the gun shot incident, a young man was leaving the Space room when he was attacked and beaten severely. The victim did not know his attacker, there wasnt anybody recording this with a cell phone. The police were not contacted, and the victim made it home and is recovering. I am sorry that this kind of shit happens. I am even sorrier that some people have no life and feel the need to continue to feed the rumor mill and berate and belittle Sewicklys. Most of what I hear comes from the island of misfit toys,amidst the BARMUDA TRIANGLE. No one has ever seen these misfits in any other establishment on the avenue. They hold court at the Tanker, spewing wild accusations of which they know nothing about. I would like to address the misfits and assure them that there is no shame in simply saying that you dont know what happened and leave it at that.
All charges on Mr. Flowers and Mr. butler were droped. The other two took a plea. wow what do ya know? Case closed.