The Night Dave Chappelle Came to Portland


Fun night, too bad the speakers never got power!
However, if you were close enough Herr Chappelle would gladly respond to heckles. Which easily justified the cover charge.
Dave Chappelle is cool and all, but I wouldn't have been crammed in with 20 of those assholes, let alone hundreds, for that. That said, glad those fuckers didn't haul their asses out there for nothing?
@Will, yup....the a-holes were super annoying like you would have expected them to be. I lost it on one of them and screamed in his face to shut which he eventually left.

I saw an OPB mic there at the square, so they should have some decent audio tomorrow.

We talked to Dave outside the Heathman after 2am. There was a small crowd there. He was telling jokes and talking about how crazy it got...he had apparently only told four people about the event. We left about 2:45pm and he could still be there now for all I know.
Here's another Portland Blogger. Good Pictures, and promises of good Video to come.
Another Blogger, good pictures, and promises of video to follow. Check it out.