Goodbye Rose Quarter... Hello "Jumptown"!


For those looking for a full-size image of the flow chart, it is on page 7 of the Guidelines PDF (linked above in the original post).
"We like competition." Did Sam just come out in favor of the recall?
master blaster runs jumptown.
i take that back, this is better:

Master: Me order! Me Master! Me run Jumptown!
Max: Sure, that's why you live in shit!
Master: Not shit! Energy!
Max: Call it what you like. It still smells like shit to me!
Jedediah the Pilot: We're not gonna make it.
"Yeah! Hey, see! Don't talk about it not being local cause Cordish is just, you know, gonna be doing stuff but it'll be Portlandish, and like, it'll be Portlandey and full of Portland, Portlander localsustainability, see? See!? Portland!!!!!" Whatevs. Rose Quarter = doomed.
A baseball stadium would have totally sucked here. Now I see the real genius. I've been forever changed. Thanks architects/anti-Paulson peeps. You velodrome folks have totally changed me too cause I can now see the value in spending $20 million so a bunch of fixie loving hipsters can rub one out in the bathrooms. It's gonna be awesome.

I wonder when the Memorial Coliseum is going to turn into something that's way to expensive to keep open and is an expensive direct competitor to the guy that owns the big stadium next door who wants to redevolop the entire area and he happens to have billions of dollars?

Oh wait...
Hey. Awesome. Let's co-opt the name of a community that was pushed even further to the margins by development, and then develop a white-bread entertainment complex managed by a company that places rules on what kind of clothing can be worn in the complex (no baggy shorts, etc)... Aaaaand let's spend a whole bunch of money to do it. You know, instead of investing it in affordable housing for the community that was pushed to the margins.

Because, man, the hipster need a velodrome. For all the fucking hand wringing about Portland's relationship with race, the people who can do anything about it seem pretty fucking clueless.
The Cordish thing doesn't sound good. But then, anything would be better than what's there at the moment.

Is it too late to bring back the MC waterpark idea?
The image of the flowchart is indeed full-sized, but the PDF cuts off the right side and the bottom.

Not that I, or anyone, needs, a flowchart to be convinced that my old buddy, Sam, actually is up to something.

To be really hip, Sam, et. al., should publish a PERT chart, or, at least, a critical path synthesis.
two more thoughts:

1. hipsters are most certainly not the target market for a velodrome. nerdy bike racer types are. true hipsters find the notion of non-ironic competitive sports to be gauche.

2. can "blackedout" please, please find a different vision for the future to bore us with. anyone familiar with ANYTHING to do with the rose quarter knows what you think is going to happen. if you're right, feel free to say "i told you so" over and over for eternity. but for now you're just coming off as a whiny broken record. time to move on.