Anamanaguchi Does Two Pre-PAX Shows At Ground Kontrol


AWESOME!!! I love Chiptunes. Thanks for the info.
Awesome! This will be a great PAX kickoff event!
Awesome! This will be the best.

(I swear that was going to be my reply, before I saw these other replies.)
Or you could just go to PAX.

They've got shows at the Comet and at Lo-Fi in addition to their PAX show on Friday.
No I can't, Graham.

PAX sez, "For those of you that managed to register, excellent! For those that missed it, I’m sorry! We have no more badges to sell to you! Yes, this includes day-of sales, so please please please do not come to the Convention Center if you do not have a badge!"

In the "industry", this is what we call a failure to plan. 75,000 people made sure to plan ahead.
Failure to plan - you and your technical jargon. Well, all I can say is I'm out of the loop. But, no sweat, I'm still planning on seeing the band I now want to see.
Hey, the band's early 4pm set went awesome so just a reminder - don't miss them tonite at 9pm!
...And they're playing the same night and same DAY as the Protomen?! Oh GOD.