Byrne-Ing Down The Bagdad


Great recap, a couple places stink of Portland bikers' ego problem (like your last line!), which is great too. But overall, inspiring work from everyone. Thanks.
Ahhhh...entitled people questioning why they can't get into a ticketed event that sold out weeks ago. Thank you, Portland.
I strolled up to the counter expecting I could just buy a ticket, thinking: I like all these people speaking, and I sure do hope it won't be too terribly empty in there, because that would be sad. Turns out I didn't quite have the measure of the popularity of the topic. Or were they all Talking Heads fans? Who the hell were all those people, anyway?

Well, I'm happy to say I didn't go yelling at any harried ticket sellers, but instead only railed against my own bone-headed lack of planning. Quietly, while munching on a burger, and drinking consolation beer.

Great recap, thanks for posting.
ahh yes... the intern aka formerly employed, paid, full time with benefits person. now, just offer them some cute words about how it is great experience while your company benefits from free labor.
Am I missing something? the people turned out to hear from Mr. David Byrne. The local people riding Mr. Byrne's coattails to guarantee an audience for their memoirs, and crowding out Mr. Byrne's time, is too much. Message received, Mr. Byrne, and thank you!: Portland's "principals" need to get over themselves...
This was a disappointing event.

The whole was much less than the sum of its parts. While historical perspective is very important (we have indeed come a long way baby), too much time was spent going over the past (Once upon a time there was the Bicycle Bill) to build up to a self congratulatory present. But Mia, Timo and Jonathan covered much of this same territory (how about coordination talking points ahead of time?). And the presenters (except for David Byrne) took so long so there wasn't time for Q and A. Dammit. Any of these presentations would have been fine on their own in a different context, but they took away from each other back to back.

Much more interesting are questions of what it means to be a maturing bike city, and where does it go from here? And what does Mr. Byrne have to say about it? We certainly didn't find out at the Bagdad last night.

Pretty much everyone I've spoken to about the event has echoed similar sentiments, Snapface.
Here's a recap on Bikeportland, with some more discussion in the comments.…
I know, I suck. It was my fault, I have terrible time-management skills. Please don't hate me.
But if you want to go on a 12-hour ride looking for sushi, I'm your guy.…
Timo...I preferred your presentation to Mia' least you weren't so tactless as to plug your own book. But so many others I was disappointed that the same material was covered repeatedly and that it droned on and on. All while David Byrne, the only one on the stage none of us get to see around town, looked bored out of his mind...
I'll go on that sushi ride any time. Can you invite me when the next one is on?! I always lose these things when I'm looking through the Pedalpalooza listings!
agree with the comments above. despite the BIG accomplishments of the pdx 3 (thank you), it came off as small town. naked cyclists and donuts. shoot, I was bummed and I can't blame byrne for calling it, I had to wonder if anyone considered the brief before the event: 10-15 minutes max, focus on Q&A. the bike world could take a cue from the food world in portland: create a fresh vernacular. no need to be a self-effacing underdog OR small town self-congratulatory (rah!). Lead the trend and move the conversation forward in a big way. What are our goals and BIG PICTURE vision? Impact points for me: #1 US Bike City + $100 million industry (what is projected growth for next 20 years?) the bike route gains over the past 10 years (is there 20 year vision/plan for a car-free downtown?) inspiring others through innovation (european cities/bike builders are now coming to us for inspiration, companies like Rapha are putting their US HQs here, our handmade bike builders are setting trends...). LETS TALK FUTURE.