Mental Health, Church Groups Ask Chasse Cops: Quit


I hope this gachacha court has some teeth behind them.

Matt, someone needs to start a very well-designed website to act as a clearinghouse for stories and images of police brutality in Oregon.

Once enough people inflammed about police brutality register with a database, it would be possible to mobilize them to work on a petition drive to put a corrective measure on the ballot.

Like a mandate that all officers wear a badge that says-
we don't kill people unless it is completely obvious that we ourselves are about to be killled
we don't arrest people just because they don't act right
we do not beat our wives or taser our children.

Something like that.
Oh please, let me not forget,

"my union does not protect murderers".
Does anyone actually think these three people will quit the police force? I don't, but then, I'm fairly cynical.
I just read Anna Griffin's outlandish suggestion that we make Sam Adams the police commissioner.

Sometimes journalists are like curious onlookers, watching an overflowing anthill whose members are desperately trying to drag something too big and heavy into the lair.

The curious onloooker decides, from a safe distance, to poke the whole mess with a stick to record what happens.

Sort of like making a statement that Adams should be in charge of the police. Anna couldn't possibly be in such denial that she doesn't recognize a massive conflict of interest when the commissioner of the police force stands accused of sex crimes by a credible witness. Just because Adams said he "didn't remember" (hah!) any weird S*** going on in the bathroom with a minor, he got off without being charged. But let us just say that noone, but noone, believes him. And he should be the police commissioner??

Please excuse me while I go lie down for a bit.

WHAT is this town coming to?

@gonetorio: Why do you have to lay down? Do you get all hot just thinking about our Mayor boning some porn star? Cause I think that is what this town is coming to, people just can't stand that he got some action and they didn't.
I keep checking the blog, hoping, praying (or whatever us Portlanders do in times like these) that Matt will have posted a breaking news update with the announcement that they really, really quit. Or the city council was so moved by today's testimony from the leaders of these awesome advocacy groups that they finally fired those guys.

But no updates yet. Big sigh. I know, I know. I wasn't born yesterday.

They don't GIVE us power. We have to TAKE it.
I was born yesterday.

There's a great rant by Robert Anton Wilson floating out there in the tubes about how he defines himself as an angry optimist - he's eternally frustrated because he knows how things could be so so much better.

These people, and hypomaniacs, transform the world. It takes a certain blindness to one's own loopy determination to do something. Think of the artist, 99% of them on some sort of dole, each convinced their music or words or colors can set the world right. They're utterly wrong of course but they'll never know it. Not denial exactly, but a lack of insight. They hard into the night writing poems no one wants to read, singing songs silenced by shadows.

People who seek justice are the same way. They comes and go but the effort continues. Likely some now will throw in the towel and say the cops win, the bureaucrats win. But I think the truth is the medias will no longer give entire deference to the PPB spokespersons, and over time doubt becomes a fatal blow.
"But let us just say that noone, but noone, believes him. And he should be the police commissioner??"

I find your ability to speak for the entire city to be charming. You lost buddy...he's not going to be recalled. Get over it.