The Ghosts of Lone Fir Cemetery


Don't these idiots understand that someone that has family buried there might object to making this hallowed ground a circus? I have family buried there, and I'm coming to talk to Schaefer about this! Wow, maybe I could even make some money with a law-suite!
I agree with your disdain for making the cemetery a sideshow attraction for drunken hipsters but seriously, a law-sweet? You're an idiot, sir.

I really wish there was some kind of regulation in order to keep the stones looking consistent- that is, to be subtle as far as new additions, in order to preserve the spirit of the place. I've always thought of Lone Fir as a sort of Historic Monument as well as a cemetery...

I didn't realize that the Russians had so much to do with keeping up the cemetery, but god almighty they make some hideously garish gravestones. And what is it with etching the last known photograph of half-dead grandpapshka right before he croaked?