Saltzman Proposes 2 Weeks Off For Chasse Cops: Leonard Calls Saltzman "Parrot" For Police Chief


Leonard is right. The place does need a house cleaning.
Augh, this hurts my brain. If the officers acted within the scope of their duties, then why are they being disciplined at all? You don't usually get punished, even lightly, for doing your job right.

The police department is essentially assigning culpability to an officer in a situation where a man was beaten to death, while at the same time denying that anything inappropriate was done. It's all or nothing, jackasses.
80 hours is an insult. You'd get more hours of community service for urinating in public.

Is that 2 weeks without pay?
Commander Reese is an honest thoughtful man. I have sat in many meetings with Commander Reese present, and Matt Davis also, and I would say he comes across very well.

Can Commander change the culture from inside PPB?

I think that is too big a job to be done from the inside. The Police union is also a big part of the problem. Without a truly independent police review it is not possible.
The Police Review committee we have now is a joke.
When the Chasse family wins that lawsuit against the City, which it will, will Westerman be personally informing the officers layed off because of lack of funding that they're losing their jobs because some of their dumbass colleagues decided to act like a bunch of thugs one day and beat a guy to death because they get off knowing they can do what they want because they're cops.
Yes BO, but I think it's more likely that the funds would simply be taken away/transferred from a different city bureau. After all, the public demands their perception of safety and security! And as folks in unrelated bureaus lose their jobs to pay for lack of police oversight, we all get even crappier city services than we receive now.
The city risk management office purchases insurance to cover this sort of loss.

Guess what? No matter how this turns out, you lose.
And who the fuck thinks a fax is a good way to invite anyone anywhere? He's surprised no one showed up? No, that's the move you make when you don't want anyone to show up.
What happened here???? Did Dan-the-Man stagger around the halls and someone gave him a jab of heavy-dose of Testosterone? How else he get the gonads to suddenly take on PPA, PoPo, Sizer, Humphreys, Nice, Bartan, & all the cast of usual characters at PoPiggies? Only problem is...he didn't get enough as what he should be doing is to be firing their d@amned a$$e$ for good...just be damned & done with ' time for all time!!!
Time to reserve the domain name.
A dozen broken ribs, punctured lungs, and multiple contusions to head, face, arms and chest. Protect and serve...
@gonetorio Too late! Although he is up for reelection next year...
Two weeks off work for murder sounds about right for the Portland Police Bureau. Many good cops and a few criminals who freely roam the streets with a license to kill thanks to our cowardly leaders.
this is bull$*it , someone should seriously do something about this... fire not only the chief, and the two officers but the city commissioner too. maybe make them realize they should listen to us once in awhile.
Better to be a parrot for the police chief (like Saltzman is accused of) than being a parrot for Merritt Paulson (as Leonard arguably is), son of George W. Bush's treasury secretary.
I kinda agree, Brian. Which is the bigger of two evils? Both Leonard and Saltzman need to go. Fritz and to a lesser extent, Fish, have proven to be honest leaders.

Randy is ridiculous, even still, I gotta give him credit for publicly calling out the whole slew of criminals in PPB leadership.