Mynt Strip Club Owner—Former Bar in Ohio Hosted Brutal Man Vs. Bear Wrestling


This is so awesome.
Eric Fruits: Once again doing the job that local journalists won't do. On the other hand, you guys printed this and I'm mentioning it on my blog so I guess...
Matt, where's your phone number again? I want to call you so I can set up a Matt versus Bear extravaganza.
1. Strippers
2. Bear Wrestling
3. Notorious location known for rowdy behavior
4. Walking distance from quiet Lhurst neighborhood
5. Booze

What is not to like?
Seriously, the OLCC better not screw up our chances to see a bear maul drunk college kids! That'll be the last straw.
Hi Victoria, it's 503 502 2106. And I will wrestle a bear for you ANY TIME.
I feel more outrage over how they have bastardized the spelling of "mint". Why the y?

And is bear rasslin' in bars legal in Portland? What about kangaroo boxing? And, er, how is this relevant to the OLCC decision?
This makes me really sad.
Pork Chop,

Truth be told, I was originally interested in this story purely because I learned that Doss also managed Spyce strip club downtown. He's got a thing for Y's.

While it's worthwhile purely for its hilarious elements, the bear rasslin' background is relevant b/c Doss did not list the bar or its violations on his individual history form, as the OLCC requires.
Mynt, you know. It's like Syfy.
Ah, I see. Thanks Sarah.
We must approve this establishment post-haste.
Is there anything currently on the Portland or OLCC books against kangaroo boxing or bear wrestling?
What does a Y look like?

thanks to the link to that Oregon law... mostly because it includes this horrifying line that I'm glad exists:
"167.390 Commerce in fur of domestic cats and dogs prohibited"
Absolutely. That's a fun thing about state law: the level of minutia contained within our laws is staggering. So if someone wants to wrestle a bear or punch a kangaroo, then they'll probably run afoul of animal cruelty laws.
What if they just want to get punched by a kangaroo? They're always wearing those boxing gloves.
So...the OLCC doesn't usually do out-of-state background checks for applicants?

That said, shouldn't the applicant's record in Oregon matter most? If Doss has alreay proven himself with other y-tastic establishments in our city, denying his application over a 15-year-old smudge seems a little alarmist. Did his last strip club feature animal cruelty?

Of course I don't approve of bear wrestling or donkey punching or anything of the sort.
I will never forgive SciFi for changing their name to "SyFy."
I hope they have wymym wrasslin bare.
or wymyN even
@Baltar - They couldn't trademark SciFi, because it's a genre, like "nonfiction!" Anyone could sell DVDs or T-shirts that said "SciFi" on them. Gosh, am I the only nerd who gets it?
This reminds me of the Torchwood weevil fight club episode, for some reason.
There's nothing in the rulebook that says a golden retriever can't kick field goals.
I think Bob R needs to work this one into his story.
I'm guessing the club is named Mynt because there's already a bar called Mint (swanky martini drinks) in N. Portland.
I'm guessing it's spelled Mynt because there's already an establishment called Mint (swanky martini bar in N. Portland).
Heck if you want to see college boys wrasslin Bears just go to the Eagle on Killingsworth
poor bear...
im pretty sure the animal lovers of this city would shut down any show that directly benefited from violence against a confused bear.
@Matthew - I don't think I'll work this one into the story, but I have a true story about boxing in bars that might be worth posting later.

@Pandaprincess - Except it's on Lombard. Not that I would know anything about such things.
A lot of you speculate and make accusations based on information you dont know to be true. Fruits conveniently says "bars doss owned OR managed. Ever stop to think doss wasnt the owner of the bear-wrestling bar and didnt call all the shots? Check out HIS bar Spyce Gentlemans Club and see what its really like. I work there because i choose to work in a clean, safe, professional environment. I love the owners and the entire staff. I cant wait for the new club to open! Jez
@Jezpdx -- Do you actually reside in Laurelhurst Proper?
Ohio Strip Clubs
Awesome bears and boobs...what's not to like!…
Awesome bears and boobs...what's not to like.…