Campbell Shooting: Adams, Saltzman Call For Civil Rights Probe


That photo cries out for a word balloon.

(Is Sam standing behind me making his serious face again?)

Now we're getting somewhere.
I'm not opposed to a civil rights investigation, I guess.

But I find this incredibly embarrassing for the city. Our Police Commissioner is throwing up his hands and writing a cry for help to the AG of the United States after trying... what exactly?

Saltzman hasn't attempted to initiate any discipline in the Campbell case. He's basically shrugging and saying "What can I do? I'm only the Police Commissioner."

In case anyone is still missing the subtext here:

The Mayor and Police Commissioner of Portland, Oregon need to call the Attorney General of the United States in D.C. in order to take on the local police union.

@Blabby: Good point. Jesse Jackson calling for Officer Frashour to be suspended, earlier this week, really scratched at an ugly sore for Police Commissioner Saltzman. You'll remember that last year he suspended an officer prior to discipline, prompting a 650-strong rally by the police union:…

Ultimately, Saltzman backed down. So you're right that the "subtext" here is that Saltzman can't suspend an officer without the union crying "murder." Even in this case when the officer is being branded an "executioner" by one of two living Americans with his face on a postage stamp.…

I would also remind readers that the Albina Ministerial Alliance supported Saltzman last year, when he originally suspended Officer Christopher Humphreys:…

These are the same guys who were ultimately ignored by Saltzman, in favor of the union. So they decided to call in Jesse Jackson, this time around. Cop union rallies 650, Jackson rallies 1500. And T.Allen Bethel even stood beside Saltzman this morning.

Scott Westerman and the police union have of course been keeping a low profile this week. He was at a breakfast yesterday with Saltzman and the African American Alliance, and Joyce Harris said this morning that Westerman had faced some "tough questions" from members of the Alliance.

"Of course he represents the union and has a different perspective," Harris said.

I can't wait to read the next Union "Rap Sheet" newspaper. I did ask Westerman on Tuesday whether he had made "I am Ron Frashour" t-shirts yet. He said yes, qualifying that they were only mocked up on the union's Facebook page, at this stage.

Hear, hear, Blabby!
"Scott Westerman and the police union have of course been keeping a low profile this week."

I noticed that the police were totally absent at Wednesday's rally. I don't think I saw any uniformed officers. Made me wonder if there were a few non-uniformed officers around....
Anybody noticed that Sam has put on 20 pounds since inauguration?
What can WE do to show support? I would love to see an article about that.. would the Urban League like volunteers? I've emailed the Mental Health Association of Portland but got no reply. Is going to the offices better?

I know, it's lazy to ask here instead of finding out myself.. but if you're looking for an angle to cover, I for one would find that information awesome, and I suspect others would too.
I was astonished to find out that in at least 2 police shootings, the shooter did not have an ear piece on. How in the HELL can you make an important, life or death decision, without knowing ALL the facts? Jesus Christ, is that so damned hard to figure out?
@Blabby I know. I was worried there was going to be a few jaywalking tickets with all those protesters spilling out into the road.
Dan Saltzman has been on the city council for 12 years. He is weak and ineffective. We need new leadership on the council. Please do not vote for Dan Saltzman.
-Just wondering n'shit-

Taken from Howard Zinn's timeless classic "The People's History of the United States:"

"the victims, themselves desperate and tainted with the culture that oppresses them, turn on other victims."

-Blabby says-

"Made me wonder if there were a few non-uniformed officers around...."

Indeed they are and busy posting as well.
now, speaking of our Men-Who-Wear-Panties, I too have noticed that Sam has porked out quite a bit. however, I'd thought it was his pigging out on "comfort food" as he struggled to over- come his well-known proclivities of chasing after barely legal aged boys. now I see it could be all this stress 'n' strain from unresolved PPB issues that are likely to be an anchor around his neck next election (with too many anchors weighing the man down, he'll sink I fear!) As for Dan, it seems to me he's become more ghoulish and gaunt looking as the stress 'n' strain mount for him, and won't be long till he'll be looking like that ghastly character Bush had as Homeland Security Secretary (the walking skeleton).

So, for their own personal health's sake, they need to get this business resolved N-O-W and be pleasing the citizens and tell Westerman, PPA & PPB to sniff their panties if they don't like it.
That toady Dan Saltzman, he's like a nightmare version of Punch, with Sizer as Judy.
How DARE he suggest that he doubts there will be any findings of rights violations? And then add that we need to do it, pro forma, in order to START TO HEAL???

Let me just say that I have no interest in the whole concept of healing as it relates to Portland's latest police atrocity. I am interested only in a changed outcome.

I'm sure Dan feels the need to heal, and Sam feels the need to heal, and Westerman feels it of course. Let them imagine Aaron Campbell's rigid, violet-tinged body being picked apart at the morgue, with maybe his last seconds of awareness being of a dog sniffing his face, and let them think about the following things that may start the "healing".

Rosie Sizer resigns
Dan Saltzman resigns
Sam Adams resigns
The police union is dissolved
Commission government is dissolved
Fish, Fritz, and Leonard run the city while we arrange for an election for a mayor under a new structure of city government

How's that for a road to healing, you moron puppet?

Nice to see that we have a decent attorney general with the skill set to talk sense to a small mob on the park blocks today.
I think you nailed it Gonetorio.

When Sam said something about not playing the "Blame Game", he was referring to not holding him and Saltzman responsible for their failed leadership.

We absolutely need a review of this mess, and to review what has been a pattern of human rights violations by the City.

I find the fact, if true, that Frashour took out his ear piece to be very suspicious, and very convenient too. And where was Reyna during the Grand Jury proceeding Mr. Rees?

Oh, and lastly, Zipitup can you can me some of that great bud that's got you so paranoid? I hope the cops and the government truly are listening and watching everything that's going on here! We're not dealing drugs like most of the medical marijuana growers in this town. Oops- We're demanding civil rights here!

Thought I smelled your bud burning at the PSU rally today...
Whistle Blaster

My comment was directed at a completely racist post that the Merc has since removed (thankfully). You're the one sounding parinoid here by taking swings at anyone within reach, even those who are on your own side. I did make it up to the rally after work, but unfortunately it was already breaking up. It wasn't me burning the ganja, but it sounds like you could sure use a toke.
It's all good Zippie! And I'm set on the meds for now, but thanks for the offer. It did smell very good, kind of fruity, where ever it was coming from-

But, when you wrote,
""Made me wonder if there were a few non-uniformed officers around...."
Indeed they are and busy posting as well."

I only wanted to say to everyone that we shouldn't be worried if the police are watching, and listening... they need to know how the community feels about taking anyone's life, unless there is absolutely no other choice. There were hundreds of other choices here! Aaron Campbell didn't need to die...
Ah, good, Emerald Bogue was there taking photos for that campaign mailer! Well, the incompetent Adams jobs/economy staffer (where's our unemployment rate?) is now running Salty's reelection campaign! Let's all pretend like we're doing something in City Hall!