The Penny Arcade Reality TV Show: TOTALLY A Thing


Did you just quote from The Rundown? Really?
Not as far as I know. Did I? If so, Walken owes me a sawbuck for quoting a movie I never managed to see.
And what thing that I said is from The Rundown? And who said it? Was it Chris Walken? And was he being awesome crazy when he said it? Oh man, I bet he was being TOTALLY awesome crazy!
Needs more hot tub.
Nex, the Thunder and Lightning thing was said by Seann Michael Scott. Walken does have an awesome monologue about the Tooth Fairy, though. Which is even funnier now that that Dwayne Johnson has made a movie called The Tooth Fairy.

Kiala, needs more Snooki and The Situation.
Oh! No, I was quoting SOMETHING, but it wasn't The Rundown. My friends and I were quoting that Thunder and Lightning thing back in middle school, which was like 1995, so its much older than The Rundown.

I wanna say it was either a movie Chris Farley made or something with one of the Wayans Bros. or Kid & Play, or ... I have no idea and it's totally going to bother me now. Either way, yeah, sorry, not Stiffler.

EDIT: I just asked my brother about it, because I think he started saying it ad nauseam, and he says he remembers hearing it from a pro wrestler back in the WCW versus WWF days (before Vince McMahon made everything all sexual and braindead and gross). He believes it was most likely Randy Savage, one of the Steiner Brothers, or one of the Hart Family wrestlers.

So there's yet another possibility. I'm going to try really hard to stop thinking about this, otherwise its going to drive me insane.
2PP is awesome, you should check out their concert vids.
So you are talking about the reality show they already have 9 episodes of on their website?

I enjoy because they do so much more than just talke about the comic. They talk about the Child's Play and PAX process too.