Seems like a good dude, aside from wearing whatever brand of shoulder-sling bag all the hipsters are wearing these days. Maybe he had it before it was cool.
He is wearing a Chrome Bag, MADE IN THE USA. I personally, know that he is using this bag because it was made in the USA.

He is very serious about buying and supporting USA products. Ask Van Orden what he thinks about Chinese products.
I'm an old friend of Paul's from when he used to live in New Jersey and went to Stockton college and i can verify that he is 100% real, we used to be in a music group together and i always thought of him as a role model for me to be less selfish and be a better person.
I'm not into politics at all so i definitely don't know anything about the county commissioner position but i'm sure he knows what he's doing. If you want someone who is all about changing things for the better then PVO is your man.
Good luck buddy!
> Ask Van Orden what he thinks about Chinese products.

What does he have against Chinese people? Racist.
I thought it was common knowledge that most items made in China fall apart. Silly me. Child labor, poisoned animal food, toys with lead paint.


That is like calling somebody racist for saying American Automobiles suck, and I do think that they suck.
I think Paul has the experience and vision to work from the ground up to unite the diverse populations of our city as commissioner. I'm supporting Paul in his bid for this seat!
I support his grassroots effort & philosophy. I think Paul Van Orden can help Portland strengthen our creative & eco-friendly identity. I have met Paul and have been inspired by his passion for community involvement. I'm also a New Jersey transplant. I came to Portland ten years ago because as a city we manifest ideals that I strongly believe in. Paul has my vote, I believe he can make good things happen. He already has and Portland is better for his efforts. thanks Paul, you got my vote
I have had the pleasure of knowing Van Orden for a few years now and he continuously impresses me with his forward thinking vision and ties within the community. Many of our coffee breaks are spent at various small time cafes in Portland, accompanied with an explanation of what he thinks of the establishment, why he supports it, and what could help them grow. This is someone that puts their actions behind their verbal intentions, so I fully support this candidate both as a friend, and a Commissioner. He has been an asset to our community and I think electing him will only help him, help us, that much better.
I met Paul a few years ago through some friends. He's 100% authentic and extremely passionate about the city and county and has great ideas. More importantly, he has experience working with both the community and local government so he will get things done.
Wearing a Chrome bag for your picture reeks of poor judgement :)
If Paul Van Orden's "work" allowing Centaur Guitars to amplify music five blocks into a residential neighborhood for 4-5 hours every Saturday evening is any indication, I wouldn't trust this individual to uphold any one letter of public office.

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