Food Paparazzi: Just as Bad as the Real Thing?


I've been doing it for years and it still weirds me out. I make a point to wait until the waiter/waitress turns their back.
If they can go without a flash I have no objection as its the flash that tends to impinge on everyone around them.

Also folks should avoid this in general at places with shared table space (clyde common or the like).
On the one hand, I've been guilty of this... if I'm eating something/somewhere really fantastic and special, I might snap a picture with my iPhone and brag about... *ahem*... "share" it on FB.

On the other hand, it's annoying as hell when people haul in their cameras to restaurants with the primary goal of photographing their meal for... whatever. This is especially annoying in family-style seating scenarios (ie: when diners are seated not at individual tables, but rather long communal tables). Both times I've had dinner at Clyde Common, the people sitting across from us hauled in their cameras... and I'm not talking about little digital things. These were good-sized cameras with flashes. When their food would arrive, they proceeded to fuss over and position their plates at interesting angles, fuck around with focus, and even collect candles from around the table for "the right lighting."

I'm not saying I wolf down my food without appreciating the visual aspects of it, but it's not necessarily something I need to record for posterity.
I don't know, I kinda like seeing that plate of fries that Kiala and Graham are sharing from different angles on Twitter.
These days, a lot of people think the minutia of their life is interesting, when it's really really not.
@DJ: Thanks! We do it for the fans. And also the lulz. Always for the lulz.
Food Dude just wrote about this, too:…
Next up: Stool Paparazzi.
Those fries were DELICIOUS.
@tsw: I have long wanted to photograph my every bowel movement. I think this is my chance to do so. Now I know what do with my tumblr account.