Gleegasm: Chenowith or Without You


I believe the appropriate term is Gleetards.
Last night's episode made me more embarrassed than usual to watch that show. Most of the songs were super boring, and the stories were only cheesy, not funny/cheesy.

Also, what the hell is up with the lighting on that show? Everybody over 25 looks 60.
Yeah, it pisses me off because the really campy moments are fun and the really serious moments are moving, but everything in between can be pretty dull.
Yeah, I'd noticed they especially make Jane Lynch look craggy. I dunno if that's on purpose or not.
I am waiting waiting waiting for Kristen Chenowith and Idina Menzel to sing a duet and dear goodness it must happen. I also think that Idina Menzel should end up being Rachel's mother. Why doesn't anyone ever acknowledge that they look EXACTLY alike?! It's creepy. If I were Idina, I'd be worried... and aroused.
"I hate it when a microphone feeds back in TV and movies to signal that something awkward is happening."

I feel a little hatin' going on in these comments regarding the sappiness factor, but I would much rather see Kurt singing "A chair is just a chair" than any Madonna song. The show is a musical, which means you gotta take the good with the sap.