This Week's Mercury Food Section: Rethinking the Rice Filled Burrito


Agreed, less rice, more avocado.
My burritos are all rice. I even substitute more rice for the tortilla.
This is why I usually opt for tacos instead.
It's also a problem that many burrito joints don't bother making the right kind of rice. Getting standard steamed brown or white rice in a burrito is really where I draw the line. I agree that many burritos in this town are too rice-heavy, but I do really like Spanish rice and think it helps round out the stuffing when used appropriately. The problem is too many people being lazy and just using the plain-Jane stuff.
Agreed, too much. I won't name names but their initials are Laughing Planet.
@Bronch O'Humphrey

Absolutely agreed! Brown rice is a burrito killer for me. I wish more places would season their rice appropriately. Los Gorditos has a very nice Spanish rice, not sure if it's the same in their burritos.
Laughing Planet are some of the worst burritos in town. They have the consistency of rice-stuffed chalk.
I have often thought of chartering a plane to take all of the burrito makers in PDX to San Francisco, for a luscious, rice-free burrito at La Tacqueria.

That's my favorite SF burrito joint, and the inspiration for ordering riceless in PDX.
I like a little rice in my burrito. It keeps it from being too mushy. Also I am from SAN DIEGO so I know from burritos.

Just saying.
Rice is a transgression, but sour cream is a crime.

My favorite burrito in San Diego was 70% carne asada, 15% pico de gallo, and 15% guacamole. A finer ratio there is none.

Another crime is the crappy flour tortilla around these parts. Gummy and tasteless.
Rice in a burrito is fine. If used properly, it soaks up the hot sauce as well. I, too, am from San Diego and would kill any one of you for a Pokez burrito right this very second.

Sorry, I had a salad for lunch and am sad that there wasn't a burrito buried under those stupid spinach leaves.
I've always ordered my burittos riceless, thanks to my time in SF in the mid-nineties. It's funny how involuntary piling on the rice has become at most joints. Certain places will still scoop it on seconds after I've asked for it without. DISGUST is the best way to describe the burrito maker when I request not that they just remove the rice but start with a new tortilla. Once I got resistance and dickishly said I was allergic to rice, which I don't even think is a thing.
@San Diego peeps

Yes. Rice can work if balanced with the rest of the ingredients. Also, a friend pointed out there is a distinct art in rolling a burrito, making sure every bite has correct proportion of ingredients.

Until PDX figures it out (or unless you know a place doing rice right) I'll stick with ordering w/o rice.

I'm keeping your San Diego burrito suggestions at hand for the next time I'm down there.
I miss Albertos. Their guacamole with chips and cotija cheese was the BEST post beach day food.

@ the guilty carnivore, Hell yeah!!! I originally hail from Albuquerque, and in my (i believe) informed opinion, there are three things that will kill a burrito. 1) sour cream 2) too much rice and 3)lettuce! soggy iceberg what a great idea!
i musta done los gorditos wrong. people rave, but my chicken burrito was bland as all get out.

and there was no lettuce! am i a minority when i say that a good heaping pile of lettuce really works to add some crispy crunchy in a sea of beans, meat and sour cream?
Sorry, PDX. I still haven't found any burritos here that rival my favorite taquerias in SF. And yes, many are using way too much rice.
I feel the same way about peanuts in trail mix and celery in Chinese food. They're not fooling anyone.
Agreed, Annie.

I'd also throw in green pepper in stir fried dishes. It's only there cuz it's cheap.
I once asked the fella at the Fuego cart for no rice, and he got all sniffy about how it'll be too runny and messy without rice to soak up the salsa, bean juice, etc.

You know WHAT, burrito guy? Let ME worry about the stains on my goddamn t-shirt, aight?
Without having experienced any PDX burritos yet (I just got to town though I've been reading the Merc) I would say that most places are too heavy on the rice. I've been ordering riceless burritos from chains like Willy's and Moe's even for a long time and have only just recently discovered that good rice can make for a good burrito as well.