BREAKING: Oregonian Editorial Page Editor Bob Caldwell In Jail This Morning On A DUI


The editorial page was keen on quoting Avel Gordly as saying Adams' integrity is inseparable from his credibility -- does that apply here? Should readers in Portland or anywhere believe a thing that comes from Oregonian under the header of an "editorial"? I would posit that anyone who would run out onto the streets while drunk has no integrity.

Unleadership on display at the Oregonian.
Happy Going Away to Matt Davis!

The Oregonian
Thank you, Alexjon.
I'd love to see how he plays this one.
I say never trustt a sober newspaperman.
@Graham I say never trustt someone too drunk to type ;)
You could say Graham should... *puts on sunglasses* his spelling and Graham-er.

Matt good luck in your future.
But seriously, if you think Oregon has a booze problem, wait until you get to NOLA.
You loved running this one, didn't you Matt?

Now...aren't we going to Club 21 soon?
5' 8", 245 lbs?
Not a very healthy BMI.

Your reportage has been stellar, most notably when highlighting the flaws and hypocrisies of the most pathetic "major" newspaper editorial/ownership team in the country. It HAS to be the worst. Seriously, the Little Nickel has more integrity. Speaking of, I truly hope Who's Busted puts this dick hole on their cover.

Good luck. Shit's fucked up down there, though. Probably more so. You'll find out quickly.
Fat, drunk, and conservative is no way to go through life, son...

Mr. Cald-

Mr. Caldwell.

(Except for your breathalyzer test. Hey-oh! That was way over!)
I am shocked at the mean-spirited, judgemental comments of some readers. This is not a cartoon character you are ridiculing. This is a thoughtful, dedicated community leader. Bob Caldwell helps deliver insightful, constructive editorials in the face of a conservative ownership. He has also donated countless hours over the years to a range of worthy causes. Caldwell made a serious mistake and should pay the consequences. But he does not deserve a virtual lynching. Especially by uninformed readers, overly enamored with their uneducated opinions.

@D said: "Matt good luck in your future.

But seriously, if you think Oregon has a booze problem, wait until you get to NOLA."

As we're prone to say "We're not alcoholics, we're New Orleanians..."

Bob learning anything? If he's anything like other daily newspaper editors and publishers busted for DWI or cruising public restrooms, or with kids busted for underage drinking and excessive drug use, he'll do the right thing. Namely, commission a series of articles on how other people should stay away from drugs and alcohol.
Could we go back to solid medicine, where an addiction has to have clear physiological withdrawal symptoms? 90% of problem drinkers are making poor life choices. You can screw your life up with marriage, pets, hobbies...anything significant in your life. That's not to understate the damage done. If anything it puts more responsibility on the person. We do real sufferers a disservice when we compare loving your cat or weed or hiking in the Cascades to physical alcohol addiction. There's a lot of things you would rather not live without. That's not an addiction. It's a choice.
the news these days makes me want to get drunk too!