Gryffindors Rule, Hufflepuffs Drool: PART II.


Not to sound like a double-loser, but I don't think Blythe's original quote was that bad! Um, hello, IT IS TRUE!

But she could have come up with a zanier email title. Maybe "Accio CORRECTION."
"Shouting "CRUCIO!" at people and then running away as fast as I can is my solution to pretty much everything."

Not very Gryffindor of you, is it?
@kiki: CRUCIO!
reading this is the first time I've actually laughed out loud at the internet in a long time.
Blythe is the new MIA.
I was going to say Crucio but I thought that might be a teeny bit mean.. Catherine misquoted me but she was very nice! But I still would put a confundus on her to make her look very very silly in front of her friends at the Times!!

I may not be able to take you but I'm going to send some pictures of the Wizarding World.. I can't believe how magical it is !!

hmm..the new MIA.. is that a good thing?

Blythe Passantino
But really though the reporters from the Times were very nice to my sister and I and are great ladies. I'm just bummed that out of all the awesome stuff I said all day (they followed us around!) that's the only thing they could come up with.