Police Report on Al Gore Sex Case


On one hand, she seems very composed and articulate, and does not really seem like she's pulling something (no pun intended). At the same time, the part about damage to her livelihood definitely seems like it's there to lay the grounds for a civil lawsuit. Doesn't sound particularly good for Al in any case.
I wonder how much The Enquirer paid her?
So she didn't get a Cigar. Interesting.
You have to play to win a cigar.
Wm Steve, why the fuck would you type (in this morning's GMN post: http://blogtown.portlandmercury.com/Blogto…) "Former Vice President Al Gore has been accused of attacking a sex masseuse in PORTLAND, OREGON by the National Enquirer"

Sex masseuse? This whole time I thought she was one of those "full release" masseuses. But she's clearly not. Don't mislead like that.
Her story reads like a play. "Get off me, you big lummox!"
wonder what Bill Clinton has got say about Al's scandal?
@Bad Robot: "You, alright! I learned it by watching you!" probably sums it up.
"I can call you Betty. And Betty, when you call me, you can call me Al."
Ack! Sorry! Totally misread that. Thanks and fixed!
@wm. Is it common to have non-sex masseuses do hotel calls that late at night? I ask not because I doubt her story, but because I honestly don't know.
Thanks Wm. and sorry for swearing at you. After I typed that I thought to myself, "Maybe the Natty Enquirer originally printed it with that info, and I just didn't notice. I am a jerk!"
@alan cordie -- If you're staying at a very nice hotel, it's reasonable to expect that the room service/concierge service could get you spa/massage services sent to your room 24/7.
@alan cordie - at very upscale hotels it's reasonable to expect that room service/concierge service could send spa/massage services to your room 24/7.
He invented the internet, you should figure he's pretty kinky.

Plus, he's single now.
I call shenanigans on this one... She's way too articulate for a masseuse. Calling him a Lummox, and saying "I mean no impropriety, sir."

Maybe he tried to get a handy, but her story is definitely embellished, maybe coached.
You're suggesting someone coached her into telling the fuzz, "Get off me, you lummox?"

Of course she seems poised and articulate. She's had three years to work on her story!
Is it Breedlove's mom?
excuse me - "way too articulate for a masseuse"????? I've been a massage therapist for 20 years and also have a Magna cum Laude degree from UC Berkeley. Where do you get off thinking massage therapists are idiots and can't talk, think or speak?

Fortunately, I have never had something like this happen to me, but there have been some moments that were less than comfortable - it's incredibly awkward. As a massage therapist, this story is realistic, although I think she was too worried about her stuff and what people would think and should have just left while she could. But that's easy to say in hindsight - who knew how weird he'd turn out to be? Don't know why she waited three years to come forward with this, however.

To whomever was wondering about the massage therapists employed by hotels - they are never "sex masseuses" or whatever crazy term someone just invented - the word is prostitute, and hotels don't send up prostitutes to your room. It's against the law. And, while I know you were "just asking", it's precisely this sort of confusion that makes my job harder - massage therapists are medical professionals, not sex workers, and it's really creepy when people think the latter.

Thanks AVC for clearing the air a bit on the differences of massage therapist and a prostitute. What Al Gore supporters would like the public to believe is, the therapist is a prostitute and thus she should have expected this type of activity. It sickens me that politics and political gain are more important then individual freedem and basic human decency. There is no moral compass for progressive's its all about power. Al Gore is god and polital leader for the status types in this country. The therapist is just a hard working ordinary citizen and thus she is disposible and not important in the big picture.It is sad but this is how things are. If this therapist went public, she would be distroyed by Cris Mathews and Kieth Oberman. She is a threat to them and the hyprocracy world they live in. Remember Linda Tripp and Monica's story, these women were destroyed for going public-who would dare to face down the moveon.org types?
Their all cut from the same cloth, money, power and entitlement to do what they want with no respect for others. Very coincidental to AL and Tipper growing apart. BS
I am a male democrat disappointed with the above the law leadership that has no moral compass but puts on the show. He should use the hand he took the oath with and have no worries. He could still be married and respected.
Al is a PIG