Shepard Fairey DJs Tonight at Ground Kontrol


Dittoed. Fuck this guy. Quit putting up your played-out stickers son!
@abusive: That article comes off as truckload full of butthurt. I couldn't get through the whole thing, but the author got such basic facts as when Andre the Giant died wrong. Like, he acts surprised that Fairey's career exists. I bet that guy hates DJs and remixes. And fun.
Can you really give the guy a pass on blatantly and shameless plagiarizing other artists because of a poorly written article? He got Andre the Giant's death date wrong. That makes the side by side comparisons wrong as well?
@mynamehere: You're conflating two seperate issues. The first issue is a horribly written article that spends more time attacking Fairey's motivations and desire to make a living. The second issue is Fairey's actual art.

I'm neutral towards the art, but the article is still poorly written and angry. He contradicts himself repeatedly and acts like logic is a foregin concept. It really is full of butthurt and the impression that Vallen can't believe that Fairey makes money doing something so simple and easy.
The only thing I go on is the visual evidence which that article has in spades. The writing is not gonna win any prizes but it gets it's point across. He steals imagery and doesn't credit the source while making a lot of money from it. It is like sampling an entire song but running it through autotune so it is yours to claim sole ownership.
He decries corporate politics but does the art campaign for Guitar Center who routinely screw little music stores out of the market through it's business practices. He is full of poo-poo! Graham POO-POOOOOOOOOOOOO! ! !