Chinatown Uwajimaya More and More Likely


It's like stepping into another world; going to Beaverton that is.

I'm just really hoping that they do what Uwaj did in Seattle, and they build nice rent controlled apartments above the location. I'd totes love to live on that block.
Just what I need, another way to fuel my candy addiction.
I hope that they are somehow able to keep the historic cherry trees that are ringing that lot now.
If this happens, don't you dare buy up all of my candy toys. They exist for very young children and "collectors," not you.
I live like 3 miles from the current Uwajimaya, but I'm still all for a more centrally located one. You can never have enough giant Asian grocery warehouses.

My only concern though is this: Chinatown isn't exactly the wide open suburban sprawl that Beaverton is, so how likely is it that the Chinatown Uwajimaya will be able to rival the gigantic size of the west side location? Uwajimaya's appeal lies in its hard to find import items, sure, but its huge size and ability to stock tremendous amounts of said import stuff is equally important, no?
Now if we could just get one in Salem . . .
i believe they're planning 28000 sq ft or so. There should be plenty of space for their fantastic import items! This project will be a great boon to the old town neighborhood- jobs created, neighborhood energized, more affordable housing created. I am VERY excited.