West Linn Man on Bike Dies After Collision with SUV


Please label your horizontal axis on the PDX Traffic Fatalities.

Rode a lot this weekend, saw at least 4 bikers completely disregard stoplights. let alone stop-signs (which I pretty much see constantly.)
I was behind these two complete hipster stereotypes on the way home.

No helmets.

Cut off a pedestrian crossing at a striped crosswalk on Williams.

Blew through the Fremont light.

Were nailed by a Suburban (in my mind).
This story is incorrect the investigation is being reopened. Their is a 6 foot skid mark from Jim's bike tire prior to the accident, his bike stayed in the bike lane but he flew off into traffic. I'd venture to guess that means he did not just fly through the stop sign. Additionally the driver of the SUV who hit him didn't even know she had run him over because she was turned backwards talking to her toddler at the time of impact. The slant of this report should include the issue of Driver's Safety as well.