Memories of a Derelict Burger King


1978 to 2010 isn't 41 years, Smirk.
She can't write, what makes you think she can add?
Maths aside, nice job working "whopping" in there.
Smirk, your math just got a whole lot worse.

"Everyone from a city commissioner to a state senator was on hand to applaud the death of the long-ailing former Burger King that squatted for 432 years on two Portland arteries."

Fucking Dracula/Methuselah of a Burking King.
Gaahhhh math skills. Thanks for the note, McFly. Changed!
I recall going to a show at the Roseland in the 90's and not being able to find parking. A friend of mine was driving and I suggested we park in the BK lot. He protested but I assured him that no one would tow his car. We got out of the show around midnight and sure enough, his car had been towed. We then had to walk about 4 miles to where my car was parked so we could drive our teenage asses back to Vancouver where we grew up. He also had to pay $170 to get his car back. I don't think he's forgiven me yet for that one.
At least Brian Libby, who posted this same story yesterday, had enough class to give an image credit.
Yeah, and back around 1997, wasn't a photo of this very Burger King the image that greeted you when you visited ? The Wayback Machine stops at 2002 nor do they usually cache images.

oh great, so I googled a bit and found me asking this same damn question in a response to a Questionland post about this very subject. Ugh.…
The image is from Lost Oregon, which is linked in the post. I'll make that more clear by sticking the link right under the image.
I love Nick Fish, but...c'mon, the quip about unhealthy food?

We've got heroin, heroin, crackheads, heroin... and then Fish shows up to complain about hamburgers. Sheesh.
I miss that place, it was a cheap place to eat on a record buying splurge from Vancouver.
When I was 16 that Burger King was the first place anyone offered me crack.
Horizon >>>>>>> Current Pearl
man, I can't believe that was an actual functioning building at one point. Ever since I've known it I imagined it was some kind of crappy sculpture or park utility shed or something like that because it doesn't even resemble an inhabitable structure anymore.

It was only about 6 years ago that the old bus mall was pure drug dealers. A lot has changed since then. Goodbye, graffiti-brick-pee hut! You were always mysteriously evil. I'll miss you.
Ahh, the Burger King of the Damned. The restroom was a popular shooting gallery back in the day. Taking a leak meant sidestepping dirty rigs and comatose junkies. Good times.