BREAKING: Mayor and Chief Fire Officer Ron Frashour


buh. bye.
Dear Police Union,

Fuck you.

-Citizens of Portland
Dear Police Union:

"Political Pressure" isn't some abstract concept. That "Pressure" you feel? It's the voice of Portlanders calling their elected representatives. You know, all us taxpayers who live here and pay your (very nice) salaries?

Don't blame politicians for this decision to fire Frashour, a man whose actions led to a wrongful death. In fact, you should feel lucky that he's not going to jail. Do you think any of us would still have our jobs if we made such a horrific mistake? Nope.

People in Portland wanted Frashour held accountable for his actions. And you know what? You should support this decision 100% if you have any hope of saving your almost completely eroded credibility.

Support accountability.


p.s. Just something to think about in your SUVs on your drive home tonight to Vancouver, Tigard, Troutdale, etc, etc.
Watch the police union scream and cry and form another angry mob, this time saying "I am Ronald Frashour!"

Frashour should have been fired, and I'd suggest out of a cannon.

The reason why people don't like the police is because you don't get rid of your thugs, morons, and knuckleheads. Firing Frashour is a good start, but Kruger, Besner, and other undesirables are still "protecting" this city.
It is tragic when someone like Campbell creates a situation like this and can't simply obey the cops. Don't blame the police, they can't read minds and they have to use judgment to make split second decisions. Frashour did nothing wrong and the Portland police are exemplary in their efforts to protect and serve. Even when it is for the ungrateful.