BREAKING: Suit Brought By Mayor's Ex-Flack Dismissed

Judge Dismisses Former Spokesperson Wade Nkrumah's Suit that Claimed He Had No Choice But to Quit


I'm sure he's honest, and he's rightly pissed off to have been Adams' mouthpiece when he was lying to everyone. That doesn't mean his lawsuit had any merit.

Between the lawsuit and Bethany Storro, it's looking like a bad day to be bullshit in this metro area.
@CC, actually just a bad day to be caught being bullshit. A subtle, but important difference.

And re: Nkrumah, he may be utterly honest, but a 23-year vet at the O who is surprised that Adams is dishonest and manipulative is beyond naive. He is either flat stupid, or, more kindly, just completely ignorant. His lawsuit DID deserve to fail.

And @ Denis Theriault: This isn't the worst news piece you've written, but it's a good example of the Merc's slide into just rehashing news, instead of doing any real investigative reporting.

Matt Davis could be a jerk, but by god the man knew how to bulldog a story, something you and S.Mirk have yet to master.

I commend to you the following song by Tracy Chapman, performed on Sesame Street. It's everything you should have learned in 1st-year J-school, dumbed-down for 8-year olds. Hopefully you can follow.
Beau Breedlove? Silly homo.

Rehash? Denis broke this and scooped everybody in town. Think before you speak.
Scooped or leaked by Adams to the Mercury?
@ city hall access

I don't think I need to define the word "scoop" to you, but I will say that your envy is delicious.
That's funny - you do know what "breaking" means, right Rabblevox?
I think I have a fair idea of what your version of "scoop" is. Let me know if I am wrong here, the person who used to watch your kids (and was a reporter for you) gets a job in the Mayors office for burying a story in return for information.