Vancouver Acid Victim Confesses; It was a Hoax


Goddamn it, now the armchair CSI peeholes will NEVER shut up about their future conspiracy theories. Thanks a pantload, Bethany.
Get your comments in now folks. This may be the one time it's OK to laugh and spit on a horribly disfigured person.
Well! Looks like I won't have to wear a welding mask while walking down the streets anymore!

P.S. Bethany Storro is clearly a racist fuck.
Wow! Looks like a lot a people have egg err...I mean acid on their face. (I had to do it! Wocka, Wocka, Wocka!)
I will pray for her.
Awaiting retractions apologies from all the OregonLive commenters that were certain this was a hate crime by north Portland gangsters. I'm sure they're on their way!

I thought this was stinky at first, but only so far that I figured she made up or exaggerated the part about the sunglasses.
I hope she gets the mental help she is in dire need of. A public apology wouldn't hurt, either. Or repaying the investigative costs.
First thing she needs to do, is get her fat butt on the TV, and APOLOGIZE to all of the black women in Vancouver.

And President Obama, who she clearly modeled her "perp drawing" on. (Take a look at it.)

When do we hear from "Nicholas Stix", who wrote pages of racist, anti-black attacks?

It was obvious from the start that this pile of slime woman was lying; it's just sad that there's so many gullible people in the US. I'll bet EVERY tea bagger bought her story.
My thoughts and prayers go out to those affected by Bethany Storro's hoax. Being factual correct is no consolation to the emotional toll her confession and arrest is having on the community.

Even now with her arrest and confession public knowledge, there are more questions than answers.

-Marcus Griffith
freelance journalist, The Vancouver Voice
What arrest?
That black attacker was as fictional as god.

"Jesus is going to be very, very mad."

Or at least he will be when she inevitably claims her self-mutilation was somehow meant to promote her (apparently TOTALLY hardcore) religious views.
How truly pathetic and sick that a person who claims to believe in Jesus' teachings should be lying -- apparently trying to promote hatred of blacks.

Some things never change I guess.
It sucks that people are this fucked up. Stop pouring acid on your faces, people! It's never going to do you good. Thank you.
the flashbacks are going to be torture for her.
“First thing she needs to do, is get her fat butt on the TV, and APOLOGIZE to all of the black women in Vancouver.

“And President Obama, who she clearly modeled her ‘perp drawing’ on. (Take a look at it.)

“When do we hear from ‘Nicholas Stix’, who wrote pages of racist, anti-black attacks?

“It was obvious from the start that this pile of slime woman was lying; it's just sad that there's so many gullible people in the US. I'll bet EVERY tea bagger bought her story.

“Posted by BCareful on September 16, 2010 at 6:51 PM | Report this comment”

Courageous Anonymous Commenter,

If you knew anything about the suspect sketch computer software now being used by police departments, you’d know that the racially unrealistic features are integral to it.

“‘I Don’t Think It Does Race’: The Rise of Raceless Police Suspect Sketches”

Why are you concerned about whether homosexuals believed Bethany Storro?

List all of my “pages of racist, anti-black attacks,” or admit that you are—I’m going to use three technical terms, so you may want to have your dictionary handy—

1. A racist;
2. A liar; and
3. A moron.

-darkest regards
Man, I apologize to everyone who called this right. I was way wrong. This girl is very mentally ill.
I bet she wished she had passed high school chemistry.

Remember, test new facial products on your arm first.
I wonder if this will raise again the issues against testing chemicals on monkeys first than on Humans.
How sick of her to lie about someone doing that to her and she did it herself! I hope she does get better, but I think she needs to apology to everyone and the black community. (Since the "suspect" was a black woman) I mean, what if they arrested some poor woman who fit the description and got all abuse from the public and her family for something that the victim did to herself would have been awful. I hope God heals and helps her through this and her own demons because to lie on someone one (ANY race or sex) for self gain will only lead to hate.
White people are fucking crazy.
@Jake: "I don't think she was trying to get at the black community--it was just an easy scapegoat, I'd guess." - The question then lies in why would claiming the suspect to be a black person to be a scape goat? I mean the woman they were possibly talking about maybe a real person but truly a bystander that she decided to use who was just walking down the street. NOT only that but it is in many away an allowance for racism to spread in such a case. But the same can be said if the person was asian, east indian, native american or mexican etc.
"But as I said--Jesus will be very mad. Not the least for the fact that apparently he had given her not the best advice about the situation. I guess he's not the all seeing, benevolent dude she would have had us believe."- This is inappropriate to comment on because though she claims to be christian and or is christian- she is human and prone to error and in such a way commenting on religious views is a touchy subject (like race) to jokingly make comical effects to. In defense, Jesus is a great advice giver as well as all knowing. the problem lies in man. I could tell you these (5,27,15,4) are the winning lottery numbers, how you use the numbers or not use them effects your outcome. In short, God is fair and gives us free will to choose. Listen or Not listen. Just like parents do. Allowing someone to bump their head and learning from their mistakes. So, I would say,"Lesson learned."
@Jake: Debating with you on the faith of christianity and Jesus' perception in the eyes of the masses is foolish. The only point that needed to be proven is the woman wrongly accused someone and in doing so, allowed alot of non believers to have a field day in commenting negatively on Christ and herself. (Pointing you back into the true issue- Which is sad no matter how you look at it). The point is: she used Jesus to fortify the authenticity of her story by claiming he guided her to purchase sunglasses that shielded her eyes when she threw acid in her own face and blamed it on an imaginary woman. Needless to say, there is nothing Christ like about this whole situation.

"I'm sure he understands the infinite human ability to be extremely fucking stupid and callous, and simply awaits her heartfelt apology before bestowing forgiveness. Too bad she's not Catholic. I'd love to listen in on that confession. Is a million Hail Mary's enough? I wonder." -I'm not sure on Catholicism. But I do agree that stupid decisions were made and at the expense of Jesus, herself, everyone that supported her, "eyewitnesses", the police force, the media and the fictional "suspect" (African american community). I keep coming back to that too because on a lot of forums in regards to her prior to her confession were very hateful, racist, ignorant and plain pitiful. God bless all involved. Apologizes across the board need to be made. PERIOD.
A PDX PSU forensic psychologist opines there might be SOME UNMET NEEDS that (this) person may be having … (?!)

THE UNMET NEED BS has is her ambition to establish her victim cred so BS can become a rich Christian motivational speaker and warm-up act for the Sara Palin & Glenn Beck circus.

NEXT WEEK, BS calls into Lars Larson radio program to tearfully confess remorse.

BS cuts deal with Clark County DA to just do 300 hours of community service

which BS is allowed to perform at faith-based agencies providing food to homeless and services to domestic violence victims.

As a term of probation the Judge prescribes BS must walk around Esther Short Park for 90 days, Monday - Friday at lunch time wearing a sandwich board which reads: I LIED FOR JESUS.

In TWO WEEKS, BS issues a Letter to The Editors at the O and etc wherein she humbly asks for forgiveness and prayers, telling us she forgives herself.

BS is publicly friended by and papped with Heidi Montag & then slammed on for palling with speidi at Christian rock show.

HM hooks BS up to gets cosmetic surgery & rhinoplasty donated pro bono by a LA Christian surgeon.

Thereafter BS hires a LA press agent and image consultant.

Comes home to shoot a sex tape with Vancouver white biker supremacists directed by Stephen Balwdin.

TBA: the advance for BS's autobio is mega $$$$ and BS schedules the launch of her BS brand & book signing tour at Rick Warren's SoCal mega church …

Her initials BS succinctly sums up this lurid & tawdry tale of unrequited nekked celebrity ‘couv Christian ambition.
I'm a black woman who lives in the area and looks like the drawing of the phantom "assailant" and has been under much stress with whites glaring at me more than usual since this happened. The US has a four hundred year history of this kind of stuff and there have been hundreds of lynchings of innocent blacks because of it.

People always invoke the stereotype of "The Angry Black Woman/Man". Stories like this illustrate why we are angry. The black community is not amused by this...
Racism and Religion seem to often go hand in hand. Religion often an excuse or fig leaf for the individual's cruel and irrational biases and hatred. A person who would cause innocent blacks to be profiled, roughed up, arrested, incarcerated and even lynched by angry cops or townspeople for her to prove the existence and workings of "Jesus" is a very sick individual. More often than not, religion of all varieties seems to warp people's minds and cause violence. Consequently, I avoid organized religion like the plague. I wish there was a place like Hell so evil people like Bethany can burn in it.
Cinnamon Girl hit the nail on the head. I'm beyond frustrated with hearing about people using religion to justify hate and violence.

Oh and I don't think her agenda of spreading the word about Jesus worked. Pretty sure she just perpetuated the 'crazy christian' stereotype (and then some).
@KC4710 said "Needless to say, there is nothing Christ like about this whole situation. "

Excellent point KC, though I believe you're forgetting the teachings of Matthew 29: 11-17, which reads:

"The Lord donned his new D&G shades, as he stepped omnisciently from the marketplace. Thusly protected, Christ didst then douse His Righteous mug with acid, while shouting, so that everyone, from the lowliest beggar, to the most wealthy manager of a nearby 24 Hour Fitness, would hear his teachings, 'Twas a Nubian who hath disfigured me! Father, why hast thou forsaken me? Is this going to be a trend?' before falling to His most humble knees, and shrieking like a little girl."
Two words: Dawn Davenport
Has she updated her facebook page or anything?
@Earnest "Nex" Cavlli: I see you are trying to be funny, but that's SO not the word of God (LOL) and there is no Matthew 29: 11-17- Matthew actually stops in the 28th chapter (Matthew 28:20 to be correct) Nice try though :) I do admit though blasphemous, this is funny and clever.

Congrats KC, you saw through my ruse. Yes, I realize there's no Matt 29.

(Side note: I did 12 years in Catholic school -- and also have close relatives in the clergy, for what that's worth -- and paid excellent attention in religion classes. Admittedly, it was so I could better point out fallacies in the underlying concepts of organized religion, and decry the establishment in general for straying from the basic ideas laid out prior to the first pope setting the Church down a long path of human corruption, avarice and general Evil Empire type stuff.)

Anyway, Matt ending at 28 is precisely why I chose 29. Choosing a chapter that actually existed only to have people look it up and immediately see through me (instead of the possibility of people reading what I wrote, looking up Matt 29 and thinking maybe they got a faulty Bible) wouldn't have been nearly as fun for me.

And the bullshit quotations would have better mimicked the King James Matt writing style, but I'd been awake for 40 hours, was all hopped up on goofballs and was being clawed in the leg by a cat. I think I was lucky to come up with the "Is this going to be a trend?" bit.

Also, you totes get a gold star for not going all nutso fundy Christian in reaction to the whole thing. Religion in general needs more people willing to laugh at themselves, as opposed to burning down homes or splashing caustic chemicals on sensitive body parts.
@ Earnest "Nex" cavalli:
"you totes get a gold star for not going all nutso fundy Christian in reaction to the whole thing."
Tote? What in the world is that? Anyway, getting a gold star for being human and normal is pretty cool, I guess. lol But Christians as a whole are human (Some don't realize this) and have great senses of humor and aren't uptight. I am a firm believer in Christ, but laughing instead of lashing out in disapproval is the way to be. Education and understanding is key. And knowing you already understand the irony of it all as well as the ideals of this faith makes it easier to understand your thinking. Especially under the pressure of killer cat attacks in response to pant choice, lacking normal sleeping habits; Along with 12 years of Catholicism (Which is beyond me). My response was thus. Besides, comedy is comedy. Jesus is the one to judge not me so, I chalk it up to your own self resolve and leave it at that.