The Rallies You've Been Waiting For


Man, I think either would be hilarious.
Let's be realistic, very few people from Portland are going to travel all the way to DC for this, however much we'd want to. So, Mercury: step up to the plate. Use your connections and voice. Let's organize a march here in Portland, culminating with a public simulcast of the rally. We can do this, people!
Glenn Beck prepare to be pwned.

Excellent idea.
Everyone remember to bring a crazy sign, your fanny pack, and wear something with an American flag/bald eagle/"USA"on it
Go reddit.
Stu has the right idea, lets do it!
Another one for agreeing with Stu! I've been kinda bummed this morning thinking about how much I'll -not- be there.
Best idea I've heard in a long time! I'm on Stu side, but I have a feeling these guys will be on the same stage. This country really needs a reality check, maybe this will do it.
A local event sounds like fun, until you remember it's the Saturday before election day and there's nothing candidates love to crash more than a gathering of politically-minded people. You convince me I won't be set upon by a bunch of Bus Project idiots or John Kitzhaber (who should be plenty desperate by then), then I could be convinced to show up. Otherwise, pass.
Hi Yanks; do you mind if we canuks join your rally? We've been watching them those tea baggers. Man you need all the help you can get.
hI Yanks; do you mind if us Canuks participate?
Hi, I'm not from Portland, but really would like to encourage you to host a local Rally. I'm organizing the one in NYC here:… and there are satellite rallies springing up literally everywhere.… lists a few, as does and Best of luck with it! I think this is really about to hit a huge groundswell of support from people who aren't batsh!t crazy.
A collective of reasonably minded people are in the process of getting a permit for Waterfront park for this rally! Stay tuned, maybe check Facebook. By the people, for the people.
Here's a facebook page link to the event:…
YES! If you can't make it to DC, please show your support locally! Great idea! :D