I just want to let everyone know before they start chiming in with comments about how annoying veg*s are for shit like this, that a large majority of veg*s are quite annoyed/upset at this ad. On all the veg forums I frequent, people unanimously stated how much of jerks these people are. Just trust me, most veg people agree that this ad is misleading, going veg will save your life, but eating healthy, be it veg or not will. *shakes fist at ad people for perpetrating frustrating stereotypes*
Annoying typo. Going veg will *not* save your life, but eating healthy, be it veg or not will.
You call that a goon? You obviously don't play hockey.
"Sometimes I get the feeling they might be the country's biggest perpetuating factor in an economy that relies on the massive-scale agribusiness exploitation of cheap labor and of the disappearing middle-class American farmer to produce a highly-synthetic and arguably addictive food product that targets children and the poor."

I think that might be the most convoluted, poorly constructed sentence I've read all day. Maybe even all week. Ask Courtney to explain everything wrong with it.
People know that McDonalds is bad for you. This isn't some big secret that only college-educated busy-bodies understand.

It's crap and people eat it. Smoking kills you and people do it. Drinking has myriad negative social and health effects and almost everyone does it. Mountain climbing is inherently risky and people do it.

You don't need to save people from themselves. You don't actually know better than everyone else.
But damn if I do like an Egg McMuffin in the morning!
@Blabby: People know that McDonalds isn't health food, but one reason a lot of people eat fast food is because it's cheap. Many burger/taco chains have been touting their "value menus" or "dollar deals" or whatever -- in these shitty economic times, poor people are forced to make hard decisions to feed their family. It's much cheaper to feed your kid a .99 cent burger than it is to make a fresh, healthy meal at home.

TL;DR = poverty is the secret of McDonald's success.
Who cares if McDonald's wittle feewings are hurt? They can throw a few more billions in the fireplace and have a really good cry over a hot cocoa. I think they'll be just fine - even without the Mercury worrying about their poor, poor corporate feelings.

(...speaking as a meat-eater who doesn't eat McDonalds but love a good burger...)
This ad typifies what the Stewart/Colbert protests are all about. Everyone, both sides, just need to calm the fuck down. You're not helping anyone with your talk over the top of each other rhetoric.
@catandbeard-- 50# of rice $26, 25# of beans $9.00 (all paid for by WIC or Trail Card).
MickeyD's you have to pay cash.

This is all the fault of you people who never took HomEc because you thought it exploited you.
Yum-- but you only get about 40# of meat when you skin and gut a vegetarian.

Vegetarians the new beef.
hey peeps, I hate to break it to ya, but we're all gonna wind up in a box or an urn, no matter what the fuck we eat. just get over it.

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