Rumor of the Week: Call of Duty Gets A Subscription Fee?


I am curious if Activision did institute this payment method, what new things would be added into the game. If it was pretty much the same as the last CoD then that would be a true shame and an obvious money grab. But if they truly committed to a long term plan I'd consider giving it a chance.
I wouldn't pay for the monthly fee the way the multiplayer was for the last CoD game. It was fun for the little I played it, but the youths I played just destroyed me. As a result it was hard to get into when I had a 10 death to 1 kill ratio.
But I do pay monthly fees already to Activision so I can dual box my Warcraft accounts. So I guess I already have enough there on my plate.
I thought that was the point of paying for Xbox Live Gold?
I doubt I would pay for it. If they partnered with Steam and Steam charged a blanket $9.95 to access all multiplayer games via Steam, I would go for it.

But, the lack of updated content for a game like MW2 would never get a dime from me for a monthly subscription without serious adjustments to the total of maps available.

Games like Everquest and WoW that made monthly gaming subscriptions reasonable had ever expending content. The world consistently got bigger, in house live support, and assorted issues caused a need for staffing which caused a need for a subscription base. To keep the world alive, we had to pay. The only reason I could see Activision going for this is a simple cash grab.

But no. By itself, I would not pay for a monthly subscription to CoD4 mw/mw2 to engage in multiplayer. Unless it was like a buck. Counter Strike Source still keeps me interested after having played CS for like 7 or 8 years. CoD loses me for 4 or 5 months at a time due to boredom with maps and a lack of expanding content.
What Viking said. A monthly fee would kill the franchise. There are too many other good shooters out there, and more on the way.